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Sunday, June 24, 2007

take the last blog to shakesville

mustang bobby at bark bark woof woof tells us shakesville is still down, but...

but the support for melissa continues to be heard. as i noted yesterday, the shakespeare's sister site is still active, so if you want to stop by there and add to the chorus of support, please do so.

i've heard from those involved in the behind-the-scenes work and i'm confident that once the site is back up, that will be the end of the trolls' attempts to take it down. that's why it's taking a little longer; a fortress isn't built in a day.meanwhile, a lot of other bloggers are speaking out.

- william k. wolfrum

- phydeaux speaks

- frogs and ravens

- incertus- the thinkery

- linkmeister

- teh portly dyke (no, that's not a typo; that's the name of teh blog.)

- the daily background

- skippy the bush kangaroo

- why now?

- wtf is it now??

- petulant rumblings

i'm sure there are more who are on this story; let me know who they are and i'll post the links.
we personally like that mustang bobby mis-typed "the" when talking about typos...we are sure it was purposefully ironic (or at least ironically purposeful).

meanwhile, as mb says, the old site of shakespeare's sister is still up and running, so stop by there and wish them the best.

addendum: jeff fecke, who also writes at shakesville, notes the dos attack on his blog of the moderate left.

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