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Friday, June 29, 2007

or, "i was a democrat zombie"

chiaroscuro, writing over at the broadview, echos some of our feelings about what she calls the "decaying democrats."

a few days ago, i received a fund-raising email from the dccc, one more in a stream of email solicitations from various democratic entities. they want my money, if not my opinion.

this particular effort was signed by james carville. there are some democrats who still think of carville as the pit bull of the 1992 clinton campaign, the "ragin' cajun" who was a tireless defender of the "little guys," the downtrodden base of the party. they don't realize he's morphed into another beltway hack, the enabler husband of the vile mary matalin, another loser consultant who triangulates and tacks rightward, who shows more allegiance to his beltway cronies than to the electorate he pretends to respect…

carville concludes by asking me to "send karl rove a message: contribute $35, $50 or more today...."

what an appeal. it moved me to immediately respond to the dccc. forget about sending a message to rove; i wanted to know what kind of message carville was sending to all democrats who have worked and contributed to be rid of bushism when he decided to co-sign a fulsome letter of support for scooter libby. (by the way, google carville and scooter libby and a sponsored ad will pop up for scooterlibby.com: "find out what you're not hearing & how you can help!" how heartwarming is friendship?) one day carville's asking the criminal justice system to ignore republican lawbreaking and the next he's requesting money to fight the republican lawbreakers.
haven't pelosi and reid heard? public approval ratings for congress now stand at 23%, even lower than bush. are they incapable of putting two and two together?
apparently not. they can't even put 60 votes together.

of course, readers of this space know our feelings about contributing to the enablers.


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