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Friday, June 22, 2007

oh, that whacky "liberal" nytimes....

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thinking they're the soprano family in print....trying to "whack" john edwards.

the edwards campaign is pushing back hard against today's enormous front-page new york times piece alleging that there was something untoward about the fact that the antipoverty programs set up by john edwards provided a "bridge" to his presidential campaign. the story has already come under fire here, here, and here.

but we've just learned something new and surprising about the story. the edwards campaign has just told us on the record that the times refused the chance to talk to any real, live beneficiaries of edwards' programs. - greg sargent on tpm cafe

so...the grey lady runs a hit piece on the front page above the fold that is filled with innuendo, straying into mind-reading, indulging in motive assessment without actually talking with people in the program? oh, yeah...i don't think that is liberal...i think it's more like libel.

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You know, you really have a point there. Think Edwards knows any good lawyers?
commented by Blogger Milo Johnson, 5:27 PM PDT  
it's not like the newt times would lie us into war or anything...

oh, wait, they did.
commented by Blogger George, 10:21 PM PDT  
it's certainly not called journalism.

but honestly, what do you expect? Journalists these days are held in lower esteem than used-car salesmen.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:20 AM PDT  
Gee...did they hire back Judy Miller or Jayson Blair ???( I think that was his name ?) ..... unreal....I hope they Edwards do indeed Kick back....HARD and WHERE it hurts...
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 10:42 AM PDT  

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