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Sunday, June 10, 2007

inaction alert! no $$ for dems!!


in our new quest to spread the word not to donate to democrats until they get us out of iraq, we came across mimus pauly's opinion, which we rather liked:

i've adopted a new policy of my own: if you are a politician, you suck dick, fuck you and whichever party animal you rode in on, and kindly drop dead. so far, it's working rather nicely...

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I like the way you cross-posted that entry I linked to and quoted from earlier in the day. It didn't create synergy, but it came close...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 5:10 AM PDT  
I'd guess that progressives refusing to donate to democrats is a great way to get Repulicans elected.

I'm just sayin'.
commented by Anonymous Roger, 8:57 AM PDT  
and roger, i guess electing democrats who capitulate is a great way to keep the republican agenda alive in the ameican platform.
commented by Blogger skippy, 9:58 AM PDT  
Here's a project you might help promote:
One Million Blogs for Peace
To End the Iraq War
commented by Blogger pygalgia, 10:46 AM PDT  
So Skippy, will you support the ones who didn't capitulate? And how about the ones who want to get in and really make a difference? When you tar all Dems with the same brush you sound a lot like Tony Snow.
commented by Blogger montag, 2:35 PM PDT  
name the ones that make a difference, i'll consider it.
commented by Blogger skippy, 4:00 PM PDT  
I second that, please let us know exactly which ones are making a difference, please. If you support Democrat politicians, you support the Republican agenda, plain and simple. It's nice to see someone finally say it. The Democrats are fucking us, say it with me people "THE DEMOCRATS ARE FUCKING US!" They just handed that fucker our money, "Here you go George, kill a few hundred thousand more, we don't care." It's shameful.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:41 AM PDT  
It's nice to find other people who have the exact same opinion of politicians that I do.
commented by Anonymous MargeAggedon, 9:32 AM PDT  
a hearty yessssssss to mimus pauly's comments!!!!!!
commented by Anonymous juslin, 2:28 PM PDT  
I agree that it's shameful that Congress passed a bill that is seen as a "blank check", but the previous bills that had funding AND timetables for withdrawal from Iraq were vetoed by the president and there weren't enough votes to override the veto, I think from the Senate(?). If it was the Senate that was supposed to override the veto but couldn't, then that means that there are still too many people we need to purge from that part of Congress. Dems have a slim Senate majority of 51-49. If there was a much bigger majority, you could be sure that we would already have the timetables in place.
commented by Anonymous words from a moderate, 5:08 PM PDT  

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