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Friday, June 22, 2007

in the war against crime, actors announcing presidential candidacy are especially heinous

via palmetto scoop, fred "die hard 2" thompson is slated to announce his candidacy next week in nahsville. wsmv:

source close to the campaign planning tells wsmv that that thompson planned to announce his candidacy on the steps of the historic fall school building tuesday, but thompson campaign officials deny that tuesday's announcement is an official run for the white house.

the source tells wsmv report says that the thompson campaign has obtained the lease for that building to turn it into a national campaign office.

"everything's in place for tuesday," the source told wsmv. "there are three major events built around his announcement." but bob davis, the tennessee republican party chairman, and thompson's former chief of staff says "there will not be an annoucement tuesday."
upon hearing the news, sam waterston said, "at last, i get to be da!"

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Fred "Die Hard 2"'s announcement set to coincide with the release of "Die Hard 4" and the campaign slogan, Vote Fred or Die Hard?

(with implicit Republican Viagra endorsement, i.e. Dole, Limbaugh, Thompson, Viagra endorsement, which is OK since it isn't pregnancy prevention)
Welll....Disgusted in St.Loius pretty much said what I was thinking - just with cleaner language...Now I have to find my family size Mylanta ......geez , has anyone questioned or brought up that he "coached:" Harry Miers, Alito or Roberts ( and I also think Goodling and Gonzo ????)......I actually watched his Lincoln day speech at some RNC dinner that was on cpsan ( I know , I know)...anyways- OMG - this guy is scarier than Cheney- and THAT is saying something....
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