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Monday, June 25, 2007

"i impersonated the law and the law won"

mitt "baseball glove" romney may soon be out one personal assistant slash chauffeur slash director of operations. via first draft we find that jay garrity, one of romney's top aides, is under investigation for...wait for it...impersonating an officer of the law! nytimes:

before taking a leave of absence last friday, garrity was romney's ''director of operations,'' serving as a constant traveling companion, shepherding romney between appointments and controlling access to him. he held a similar role during romney's gubernatorial term…

garrity is under investigation in massachusetts after a caller identifying himself as ''trooper garrity'' of the state police left a lengthy message with a plumbing company, complaining about erratic driving by an employee.

the boston globe reported garrity was linked to a cell phone used to make the call, an allegation garrity's attorney has denied.

the district attorney in boston is investigating the call, which was tape recorded by an answering service used by the plumber. impersonating an officer is a misdemeanor charge carrying a fine of up to $400 and one year imprisonment.

garrity is also under investigation in new hampshire, where he has been accused of telling a new york times reporter who had been following romney's motorcade in new hampshire last month that he had run the license plate of the reporter's rental car, and that he should break away from the caravan.

at the time, romney was riding in the same vehicle as garrity.

the new hampshire attorney general's office is investigating that incident. state law prohibits citizens from accessing the state's license plate database.
remember, the gop is the law and order party!

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