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Saturday, June 23, 2007

denial of service attacks on shakesville

bryan over at why now? has some news....as does mustang bobby over at bark bark woof woof.

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Hi. El Gato Negro wrote to me about one month ago about what to do about these attacks. I have a plan, a process and a method to track them and prosecute them. But nobody was interested at the time. (I wrote some people at FDL and Sadly No about this)

Maybe now they will.

I learned a lot researching DDos attacks and the one thing I found out was that 80 percent of them were done for revenge or to mess with people. It's not about the money, they just want to attack instead of discuss the issue.
They are possible to bust, but you have to work together with the owners of the servers and the people being attacked.

I spoke to an international recognized expert on the topic and she was willing to help for free, but she didn't want to get in the middle of the politics.
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