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Friday, June 22, 2007

call in the vice squad

"vice" president cheney says law doesn't apply to him. he doesn't need to respond to any stinking subpoenas...

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Shades of Nixon insisting he's above the law. If I'm not mistaken, Cheney was tempered in the Nixon years, so I can see why he'd have that kind of bullshit attitude.

But it seems to go a lot deeper than that with this current administration. I'm beginning to sense that much of what they've been doing since they took over has been about justifying the Nixon years, just like the war in Iraq seems to be the chickenhawks' way of justifying their stances during Vietnam. Like somehow they can exorcise whatever demons they've been harboring for thirty-odd years by repeating the same tragic mistakes, only without getting punished for them. Sounds bizarre, I know. But this collection of liars, criminals, and sadists is even more bizarre than that.

And I think there's another deeply personal element involved in addition to their quest for absolution at any cost. They don't just want to pull this scheme off, they want the rest of us to believe with all our hearts that they're doing the right thing. Because then maybe they can believe it with a little more ease. It reminds me of Digby's story about the little girl who seized her cat by the tail and bashed it against the ground screaming, "You're gonna love me!"

No, we're not. We can't be expected to exhibit love when we're hemorrhaging lots of blood from our cranial area...
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