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Saturday, June 23, 2007

blog ratings...

just for a lark, i took the urls belonging to all ten of us skippy internationalists and ran them through this. here are the results:

g-rated blogs: cookies in heaven and tami, the one true.

pg-rated blogs: blanton's and ashton's, the mystery of the haunted vampire, and old-fashioned patriot.

r-rated blogs: first draft, pudentilla's perspective, and this here big roo's.

and the pair of nc-17 deviants: a night light and {*sheepish grin*} mockingbird's medley.

a little bit of history unknown beyond the walls of skippy international: it just so happens that skippy invited both rj and me to join him on the same day way back in february 2005. i'm now wondering if the planets were badly misaligned that day, or something...

(credit: fixer...)
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They should all be rated X for excellent!
commented by Blogger George, 9:54 PM PDT  
I only got a PG rating. I'm so ashamed. Fuck.
commented by Anonymous virgotex, 7:07 AM PDT  
Guess I'm going to have to add some cuss words....maybe relay stories of recipes that turned out poorly, tasted like crap of had an incredient that could only be found in some market in malaysia.
commented by Blogger Cookie Jill, 6:38 AM PDT  
And yet, I cuss whenever the mood takes me. Go figure.

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