s skippy the bush kangaroo: and john f. kennedy loved dealy plaza, too

skippy the bush kangaroo

Monday, June 25, 2007

and john f. kennedy loved dealy plaza, too

via alternate brain, we find that awol thinks president lincoln would have just loved what's happening at ford's theater these days:

president lincoln had a great appreciation for the performing arts," bush said. "they offered relief amid the agonies of war, and he would likely be pleased that ford's theatre continues to bring together talented performers from across our country, including those with us tonight."


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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:27 PM PDT  
thanks for staying on topic, ash!
commented by Blogger skippy, 11:21 PM PDT  
I thought the Rethugs were more together than this but I guess everything's gone to Hell at 1600. Thanks for the linkage, skip!
commented by Blogger Fixer, 1:09 PM PDT  

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