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Saturday, June 30, 2007

rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, feds beat state

the federal government is working hard to neutralize california's efforts to implement its greenhouse gas law. sfchron:

transportation department officials sought to mobilize dozens of state and federal lawmakers against california's petition for an epa waiver to implement its greenhouse gas law, documents released friday show.

the 71 pages of transportation department e-mails and internal memos, released to congressional democrats, show that as epa's june 15 comment deadline approached, transportation department officials compiled call lists of house members and governors in states with significant numbers of auto plants.

agency employees then called the lawmakers, democrats and republicans, working off a script that said letting california implement its own emissions controls on automakers "would have significant impacts on the light truck and car industry."

"if asked our position, we say we are in opposition of the waiver," the script says.

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"i want my gop talking points"

newscorpse reports on mtv's kurt loder trashing michael moore's sicko.

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toon time

as always, bob geiger's saturday morning cartoons hit the spot!

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skippy's saturday nite music club

fear - i love livin in the city


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breaking! markos moulitsas admits to being karl rove!

in a little known interview with fark.gov, markos moulitsas, aka the great and powerful kos, admitted to actually being a future reincarnation of a clone of karl rove which came back in time to destroy the blogosphere before it could usurp george bush's power.

the interview was actually given in 2010, but the crack i t staff at skippy international was able to trace the isp footprints foward 3 years into the future (it has something to do with our servers being cross-connected with the clock radio in the break room) and was able to find kos's own words actually admitting that he's out to destroy everyone whom he purged from his blogroll earlier this year.

an except from the fark.gov interview:

f:  so you're actually a clone.

mm:  yes.  i'm the 23rd generation of a karl rove clone experiment conducted in by the bill frist institute of flat earth science in the year 2525.

f:  in the year 2525?  is man still alive?

mm:  yes, and women are kept in pens for men's pleasure and to make babies.  although we don't need to make babies anymore because the grand exhalted leader jenna bush xiv has declared stem cell research legal for all white people who make more than $500 million a year.

f:  adjusted for inflation, that must be...

mm:  not all that much.  a coke costs $100,000.

f:  so, you're really karl rove, come back in time to destroy the blogosphere.

mm:  yes.  it was decided by the dick cheney 5000 computer-bot that the only way to ensure the great republican revolution had staying power was to make the left look looney.

f:  and you're doing that now?

mm:  well, first we tried sending a real fat guy who made goofy movies back in time, but that didn't work out.

f:  michael moore?

mm:  chris farley.  who knew heroin was so much fun?  so, anyway, it was my mission to come back to pre-21st century berkeley, start up a small internet concern, then convince everybody that if we banded together, we could change the world.

f:  did you?

mm:  of course.  my powers of persuasion are legendary.  and i'm incredibly charming in person.

f:  i'll admit to wanting to have sex you with you right now.

mm:  understandable.  using these great charms, my hologram jerome armstrong and i were able to convince the majority of left-leaning computer geek slackers to vote for the democratic party.

f:  as opposed to someone who would actually stand up to bush?

mm:  exactly.  we were able to stave off actual grassroots change and let the glorious republican mass mind-control take place.  now the future is one of peace and prosperity for old rich white men everywhere inside the beltway.  oh, by the way, i'm going to have to kill you, you know.

f:  i guessed.  but can we have sex first?

mm:  no.

f:  aaaaarrrrrghhhhggghhh!!!!!!  my spleen!!!
it is our sincere hope that by publishing this interview we can change the course of history, and...

arrrggghh!! our spleen!


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down the penrose lane



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big surprise there!

from sfchron:
the democrats admit that public frustration with the continuing war in iraq has hurt their popularity after six months in control of congress, especially after they campaigned on a platform that promised a new direction in Iraq policy.

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dry spell + triple digit temps + winds + fireworks

= heart palpitations for ca fire departments

3.21 inches of rain. that is all the precipitation that has occurred from july 1, 2006 through june 30, 2007 in lala land. (aka los angeles)

3.21 inches. and the fourth of july with fireworks is coming up.
as the record falls, firefighters around the region are bracing for a potentially disastrous run-up to july 4 as fireworks go on sale just as temperatures rise into the triple digits.

...the unrelenting dry conditions have sapped moisture from plant life in hillsides and canyons, making them far more susceptible than normal to sparks from fireworks.

the latest studies of brush and grasslands by the l.a. county fire department found that the moisture level in plants is the lowest in 26 years. and that doesn't count the large amount of brush that has already died. - latte times

let's hope that the folks who "man" one of my favorite blogs (lafd news&information) aren't too busy this summer.

with all this fear of "dirty bombs" and nukes...all a "terrorist" may need right now is a single match to cause a national disaster.

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got moo-lah?

you might have to pay a load for that 1/2 caf double splash of non-fat extra dry latte.
effective sunday, the california department of food and agriculture has set the price california dairy operators will be paid at a record $1.98 per gallon of milk, up from $1.06 a year ago. the minimum retail price for a gallon of low-fat milk, said the department, will be $3.10, compared to $2.10 in january.

the state posts the "lowest reported lawful retail price'' for milk due to a law that says milk cannot be sold below cost.

the price spike -- the result of a drought in australia, tightening supplies from europe, higher demand in asia and the diversion of feed corn to ethanol plants -- also threatens to jack up the cost of cheese, lattes, chocolate bars and pizzas. - sfgate

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Friday, June 29, 2007

view knew rosie like we knew rosie

tho it's not a percipitous drop, it's still a drop after o'donnell departed. latimes:

in the month since rosie o'donnell bolted from "the view," the abc daytime chat fest is down an average of 232,000 viewers, a drop of 6%, according to nielsen media research.

host barbara walters, the show's co-executive producer, has expressed confidence the program will retain its audience. producers are currently looking for two new co-hosts to join the daily gabfest.
skippy's available!

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now that's a rant...

please go read badtux the snarky penguin. no, i'm not linking to this because he mentions me (though i do appreciate the mention). i'm linking to it because it's one of the best posts i've ever read.

yes, it's heavy on the vulgar language. waa waa waa. deal with it...


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skippy's friday nite music club

dedicated to pastordan, because when we see his diaries that begin "brothers and sisters," we invariably think of...

marrs - pump up the volume


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there's no accounting

a few interesting tidbits from make them accountable:

c&l shows michael moore being denied entrance into the ny stock exchange;

the daily howler reports on poor dana milbank having to listen to big words in bill richardson's speech.

and think progress shows msnbc anchor mika brezinski refusing on air to report on paris hilton, including trying to burn the copy, and finally shredding it. would that more news anchors felt the same way.


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or, "i was a democrat zombie"

chiaroscuro, writing over at the broadview, echos some of our feelings about what she calls the "decaying democrats."

a few days ago, i received a fund-raising email from the dccc, one more in a stream of email solicitations from various democratic entities. they want my money, if not my opinion.

this particular effort was signed by james carville. there are some democrats who still think of carville as the pit bull of the 1992 clinton campaign, the "ragin' cajun" who was a tireless defender of the "little guys," the downtrodden base of the party. they don't realize he's morphed into another beltway hack, the enabler husband of the vile mary matalin, another loser consultant who triangulates and tacks rightward, who shows more allegiance to his beltway cronies than to the electorate he pretends to respect…

carville concludes by asking me to "send karl rove a message: contribute $35, $50 or more today...."

what an appeal. it moved me to immediately respond to the dccc. forget about sending a message to rove; i wanted to know what kind of message carville was sending to all democrats who have worked and contributed to be rid of bushism when he decided to co-sign a fulsome letter of support for scooter libby. (by the way, google carville and scooter libby and a sponsored ad will pop up for scooterlibby.com: "find out what you're not hearing & how you can help!" how heartwarming is friendship?) one day carville's asking the criminal justice system to ignore republican lawbreaking and the next he's requesting money to fight the republican lawbreakers.
haven't pelosi and reid heard? public approval ratings for congress now stand at 23%, even lower than bush. are they incapable of putting two and two together?
apparently not. they can't even put 60 votes together.

of course, readers of this space know our feelings about contributing to the enablers.


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just practicing

well...not anymore.

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the talking dog talks

the talking dog sends us an email:

here http://thetalkingdog.com/archives2/000868.html is my interview with gaillard hunt, counsel to pakistani national saifullah paracha, who has serious (and untreated) heart problems, which, among other things, our military will not allow him to be unshackled while he is catheterized at guantanamo! paracha was kidnapped "on the battlefield" in thailand (what? that's not on the battlefield?) and brought to afghanistan and then guantanamo, where he has been held for three years. i hope you find it of interest.

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you phone i phone we all phone for iphone

working assets, which has their own phone network, is calling for a boycott of apple's at&t-specific iphone. tech.bloge.com:

working assets called for action through their online activism arm, act for change, which released a petition where consumers vowed to boycott the iphone. "apple's new iphone could be easily portable across wireless carriers," the group complained on their mailing list. an open market could mean cheaper service for consumers, they argued, and apple "could use its influence to set an example…"

steve jobs responded thursday when questioned by wall street journal columnist walter mossberg. one of the six questions mossberg asked went straight to the controversy. "why does the iphone only work with a single carrier, at&t?"

jobs countered that at&t had "been investing billions of dollars in the last couple of years to create a great network." using a gsm network will allow apple to make the iphone "a world phone," according to jobs — functional in "80% of the world."

but mossberg had also asked jobs if iphone owners would ever be allowed to use other u.s. carriers — and jobs conveniently ducked the question.

as it stands now, act for change sees iphone users locked into a service contract with "a corporation whose practices seem to run counter to everything apple stands for." their announcement included complaints directed specifically towards at&t — including at&t's "warrantless wiretapping" controversy and their sharing of customer phone records with the national security agency.

the group even cited the chairman's political contributions of at&t's chairman, and called it "the same at&t that is doing its very best to destroy net neutrality and create a 'slow lane' internet for the rest of us."

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ding dong the clout is dead

joe gandelman of the moderate voice thinks that the death of the immigration reform bill is also the death of awol's political clout:

and, in the end, bush put some of his sparse political capital on the line and wound up in chapter 13…

a washington post analaysis painted an even grimmer picture for mr. bush’s future political prospects of regaining political muscle:

president bush’s stinging recent setbacks raise fresh questions over whether he can accomplish much of anything in congress in the remaining 1 1/2 years of his term.

the blows range from rejection of immigration overhaul to increasing erosion of republican unity behind his iraq policy….

and, in the “great minds think alike” department, the post has this quote:
and on sunday, bush will lose the “fast track” authority for negotiating trade agreements that all recent presidents have had. congress is showing little inclination to renew the power for him.

“it really shows the weakness of this president, institutionally and politically, in his last two years in office,” said stephen j. wayne, a presidential scholar at georgetown university. “he’s not just a lame duck any more. he seems more like a dead duck.”
and, ron beasley at middle earth journal predicts that more than the death of awol's clout, this may signal the end of the lee atwater/karl rove gop.

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best to our chemo sabi

jane hamsher has finished her chemo. amazing how she can turn out the blog posts while undergoing radical chemotherapy, and all with a smile on her face.

jane is one of our original blog buddies and we can only wish her the best, while admiring her spirit and her endurance.

keep up the good work, jane!

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if she was aWol, she'd take a whole month off for vacation

watertiger is on vacation in beautiful new caledonia, and in the meantime, dependable renegade is being overseen by atta j. turk and tengrain.


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"our lives are just not long enough for bearing a cross or wearing a gun"...

that's a line to a song i started writing in 2001 or 2002. i've given up trying to finish it. probably because of that line, for all i know. sometimes, i see something that appears to make everything senseless fall into sense -- only it takes years for me to realize it. the song, which i tentatively titled "i only understand now", was about facing disillusionment, a subject i've come to know intimately. that line seems to convey a disgust with christinaity and gun-ownership advocates, by my judgment; i can't say whether it actually does convey such sentiments. but i never intended it as such.

disillusionment. the word seems to scoff at the idea of a human being placing faith in an impossible dream. well, hell...


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parenthood... yeesh...

the cultureghost had this to say concerning the murder of jessie davis:

...wear a condom. insist on contraception on both sides. it only takes one microscopic zygote to change everything. change everything...as in everything changes. if you really have issues about becoming a father by accident, get a vasectomy.

and if you find yourself becoming a father and you are having grave reservations about the prospect, do not kill the mother and child. get a lawyer. move out of the house. move across town. move out of state if necessary. but don't harm anyone. have your lawyer handle all the affairs. yes, there will be lots of tears. angry phone calls. unpleasant letters. hell, her parents may even show up at your front door. call your lawyer. make all the satisfactory financial arrangements. do not harm anyone. you can always get involved later, but do not harm anyone.

if only there was more of this sage advice in circulation. i can't speak for anyone else, but i have been told so many variations on this theme that it'd make you throw up: the most important social function i can ever perform is to become a father. relatives, friends, acquaintaces, people i don't even know -- many of them are guilty of this. i'm tired of hearing it. so...

although i believe i'm at an age well-suited for becoming a father (36, with 37 looming -- not old, but old enough to know who i am, what i'm made of, and where i'm headed), there is no way in heaven, on earth, or in hell that i will ever make the grade as a father. whatever that takes, i simply don't possess it. and i don't buy into that "you'll live for your kid" pap, either -- my own father left me and my mother behind when i was two. apparently i take after him when it comes to fatherhood; i just never made the mistake of getting some young woman pregnant.

think about it just for a moment. isn't one of me enough?


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Thursday, June 28, 2007

skippy's thursday nite music club

murderdolls - white wedding

yeah, they're a cheap marilyn manson knock-off, but it's an appropriate use of billy idol material...and, speaking of idol, the "disposable icon" theme is quite amusing.


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there never was a second option...

rj eskow has coined a new word:

antipartisanship (n)

1. a chronic aversion to professional politicians and their handlers, based on the belief they are all cynical and unprincipled. 2. an unwillingness to identify with either major party based on said beliefs...

i propose adding a third definition: a cynicism borne of the betrayal of trust by either or both major political parties, resulting in the belief that all politicians and political operatives are unprincipled. that's my own idea of antipartisanship, and it would not surprise me to learn that others share this idea.

i came close to registering as a democrat a few years ago. didn't happen -- i remained an independent voter. i briefly reconsidered the prospect after the dems regained control of the house and the senate. that won't happen -- from here to the grave, i'm an independent citizen. there isn't going to be a third consideration of this issue. The End.

you wanna know why?


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immigration bill emigrating away

the senate failed to pass any sort of immigration bill. asspress:

the senate drove a stake thursday through president bush's plan to legalize millions of unlawful immigrants, likely postponing major action on immigration until after the 2008 elections…

the bill's senate supporters fell 14 votes short of the 60 needed to limit debate and clear the way for final passage of the legislation, which critics assailed as offering amnesty to illegal immigrants. the vote was 46 to 53 in favor of limiting the debate.

some senators in both parties said the issue is so volatile that congress is unlikely to revisit it this fall or next year, when the presidential election will increasingly dominate american politics.
too bad they didn't watch this:

the failure to pass really bummed awol out:

bush appeared glum as he spoke. his negotiators had expressed optimism the vote would go their way — or, at least be closer.

"congress really needs to prove to the american people that it can come together on hard issues," bush said. he turned attention to other his other goals in congress this year, including energy, health care and balanced-budget initiatives.
how about, oh, we don't know...getting out of iraq?

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and these are his friends saying this

you know things are bad when the deputy attorney general under ronald reagan wants to impeach you:

under dick cheney, the office of the vice president has been transformed from a tiny acorn into an unprecedented giant oak. in grasping and exercising presidential powers, cheney has dulled political accountability and concocted theories for evading the law and constitution that would have embarrassed king george iii. the most recent invention we know of is the vice president's insistence that an executive order governing the handling of classified information in the executive branch does not reach his office because he also serves as president of the senate. in other words, the vice president is a unique legislative-executive creature standing above and beyond the constitution. the house judiciary committee should commence an impeachment inquiry. as alexander hamilton advised in the federalist papers, an impeachable offense is a political crime against the nation. cheney's multiple crimes against the constitution clearly qualify.

take the vice president's preposterous theory that his office is outside the executive branch because it also exercises a legislative function. the same can be said of the president, who also exercises a legislative function in signing or vetoing bills passed by congress. under cheney's bizarre reasoning, president bush is not part of his own administration: the executive branch becomes acephalous. today cheney chief of staff david addington refused to renounce that reasoning, instead laughably trying to diminish the importance of the legal question at issue...

in the end, president bush regularly is unable to explain or defend the policies of his own administration, and that is because the heavy intellectual labor has been performed in the office of the vice president. cheney is impeachable for his overweening power and his sneering contempt of the constitution and the rule of law.

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coulter's hateful word of the day: harridan

a worn-out strumpet; a vixenish woman; a hag.

that's what she called elizabeth edwards.

video up at tpm cafe

(michael savage called barbara boxer a harridan back in january, too)

perhaps the word coulter and savage need to learn.....projection.

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blogging liberally

last night skippy enjoyed the company of some of the finest bloggers in southern california at the quarterly drinking liberally get-together at the famous cock and bull pub in santa monica.

the event was coordinated by skippy's buddy d-day, who is working closely w/the calitics team to promote end of the quarter fund-raising (tho readers of this space know how skippy feels about giving money to dems).

economic agendas aside, however, it was a fine night of fellowship and interpersonal real-time physical space blogging, which used to be called "conversation" in the old school.

among the many friends there that skippy was happy to see: our good buddy steveaudio and his lovely wife pam; john of crooks&liars (tho skippy was disappointed that nicole belle of same was not in attendance); our old co-blogger rj eskow (actually, he's not that old, at least, not any older than skippy); and the prolific thereisnospoon and hekebolos.

but the queen of the ball was none other than the guest of honor, digby herself. since "coming out" as the premiere blogger who no longer needs pseudonymity, digby has been making personal appearances more than donald trump, or so it seems.

it was delightful to finally meet digby, as digby and skippy have been supporting each other's blogging efforts since the old days, back before anyone even knew what the word "blog" was. skippy remarked that while they weren't pioneers, they were early settlers, and digby said her husband would call them "early adapters," a silicone valley reference.

many new faces were also present, and it was a testament to the liberal cause of democracy, and to a lesser extent, alcoholism. a great time was had by all.

on a personal note, skippy personally thanked john amato for starting the tradition of nightly music on blogs, which skippy unabashedly stole from c&l. but john said it's ok.

addendum: d-day has some pics of the event up over at calitics.


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

more "yummy" news

from across the seas....
coupled with the latest international concerns was an announcement that inspectors had closed 180 food factories. china's food safety watchdog said formaldehyde, illegal dyes and industrial wax were being used to make candy, pickles, crackers and seafood, the official china daily newspaper reported. - ap

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say hello

to real's world.


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skippy's wednesday nite music club

buddy holly - that'll be the day


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aWol making nixon look good

according to the hill, pat leahy sez that awol is worse than nixon, not that we had to tell you that:

senate judiciary committee chairman patrick leahy (d-vt.) blasted the bush administration wednesday, indicating that it is disregarding the law more flagrantly than the nixon administration.

“certainly not since i’ve been old enough to vote have we had an administration so willing to ignore the law,” the 67-year-old senator said. “i’ve never known an administration so willing to operate outside the law, even to operate against the law, in violation of the law, as this administration.”
sen. leahy and his committee have just issued enough subpoenas to the whitehouse to paper train a thousand barneys...or to clobber awol hard enough to make him learn where to do his business and why. latimes:

the senate committee investigating the bush administration's controversial domestic wiretapping program subpoenaed the white house, vice president dick cheney's office and the justice department today for information regarding their legal justification for the warrantless secret surveillance.

the subpoenas by the judiciary committee set the stage for another legal and political battle between senate democrats and the administration over its counter-terrorism and law enforcement policies. earlier subpoenas issued by democratic lawmakers to current and former white house officials have essentially been ignored.
reached for comment, the ghost of richard nixon was quoted as saying "i was an amateur compared to this bunch," and the ghost of warren g. harding quipped "finally, they're using some dead president other than me to show how rotten this guy is."

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where's sir paula abdul newton?

the union of concerned scientists are running a contest: science idol. you can vote for your favorite science vs. government cartoon:

this spring, creative minds throughout america took the opportunity to show off their artistic and comedic talents in support of independent science by entering the 2nd annual science idol: the scientific integrity editorial cartoon contest. we received hundreds of compelling cartoons and our panel of celebrity judges helped narrow those entries to 12 great finalists.

vote for your science idol today and win great prizes—while helping ucs spread awareness about the importance of independent science to our health, safety, and environment.

about science idol
we were looking for creative takes on the issue of political interference in science. once the entries were in, a panel of talented, award-winning cartoonists—dave coverly, creator of the syndicated cartoon speed bump; tom toles, pulitzer prize-winning cartoonist for the washington post; garry trudeau, pulitzer prize-winning creator of the syndicated cartoon doonesbury, and james mcleod, last year's science idol winner—chose the top 12 finalists.

now, it’s up to you to pick the winner! voting will be close july 23, 2007, at 11:59 p.m. est. you can only vote for one science idol, so choose carefully—vote today!
addendum: pz myers has a discussion thread about the contest; not many of his readers liked any of the cartoons submitted.

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with all due respect, mrs. edwards...

i believe that you are absolutely wrong when it comes to assessing what motivates annie dearest and the rest of her republican noise machinist ilk:

...why do ann coulter and other right-wing pundits keep attacking john? because john's bold, specific plans hit them where it hurts: solving global warming, ending the war, building a fair economy -- john's agenda threatens everything those talking heads and their corporate cronies stand for...

no, mrs. edwards, your husband's plans for a hypothetical america on his watch have nothing to do with these foul-spirited attacks on him. nor does their craven, borderline-atavistic desire to see him assassinated. hell, they aren't even doing that for ratings anymore -- anyone who can talk enough $#!+ will attract a swarm of flies massive enough to keep the lights on and the cameras rolling indefinitely.

what this is all about is the fact that these right-wingers are nothing but trash. your husband isn't the first person annie dearest has openly fantasized about seeing murdered, and he won't be the last. that's because annie has always been trash, is presently trash, and will always be trash -- politics has nothing to do with this. you are giving her -- and her stinking comrades-in-offal -- way too much credit in the hope that she and the rest of her rank culture can be enlightened. not going to happen, mrs. edwards, i'm sorry. some battles cannot be won.

noble try, though...


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we get letters

letters from elizabeth edwards

dear friend,

last night i had an important talk with ann coulter and i want to tell you what happened.

on monday, ann announced that instead of using more homophobic slurs to attack john, she will just wish that John had been "killed in a terrorist assassination plot."

where i am from, when someone does something that displeases you, you politely ask them to stop. so when i heard ann was going to be on "hardball" last night, i decided to call in and ask her to engage on the issues and stop the personal attacks. i told her these kinds of personal attacks lower our political dialogue at precisely the time when we need to raise it, and set a bad example for our children.

how did she respond? sadly, perhaps predictably, with more personal attacks.

john's campaign is about the issues—but pundits like ann coulter are trying to shout him down. if they will not stop, it is up to us cut through the noise.

...why do ann coulter and other right-wing pundits keep attacking john? because john's bold, specific plans hit them where it hurts: solving global warming, ending the war, building a fair economy—john's agenda threatens everything these talking heads and their corporate cronies stand for.

and they know john can win—just last week a new poll showed that john is the only democratic candidate who beats all the possible republican challengers—by an average of 13 points. so they are trying to take john down early. their strategy is to sling mud and manufacture scandals—about houses, haircuts and anything else they can think of—to discredit john and take down our movement for change.

the best way to beat them is also the right way—take our message of substance straight to the voters. and that is exactly what this campaign is all about.

...and thank you for all that you do to support this cause.


- elizabeth edwards
wednesday june 27, 2007

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annthrax takes a call

in case you missed it...

elizabeth edwards calls annthrax coulter on hardball.

annthrax's best response is a strawman so weak it's more like a grassman or oatman.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

not wasting enough time on the internet?

try this.


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thy mother!

it's the shakespearean insulter.

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master debate

it's refreshing that several democratic candidates have pledged to boycott the fox noise debate next september. not only has john "crossing over" edwards vowed to avoid it, but also barak "to the future" obama and hillary "not necessarily the sopranos" clinton, as well.

one reason (well, the only reason, actually: e.g., fox's bias; but one example of that reason) was fox's insistance that obama studied muslim extremism as a 6 year old child, without anything to back up such an assertion.

so at least some dems show some spine and refuse to attend the congressional black caucus institute-sponsored debate on fox noise next fall.

but some in the multi-millionaire media just can't see the logic in this. scott collins, writing in the latimes, says the dems should just buck up and show up:

so it needs to be said: the democrats are dead wrong not to debate on fox news. and it's hypocritical for the supposedly nonpartisan media to stand by and do nothing while a tv network — even one with an obvious rightward tilt whose fairness and balance deserve every bit of the scrutiny they're getting — is trashed by mega-million-dollar political campaigns in the heat of a white house primary battle. when politicians, one of whom may very well be the next president of the united states, start using their platforms to lob missiles at news-gathering organizations they don't like, it's hard to see how that's much different than president nixon's infamous "enemies list."
well, here's the difference, scott: nixon's list were people whose careers he, as president, wanted destroyed...boycotting fox news is a representation of the free market system. if candidates thinks they won't get a fair shake from somebody, and that somebody has been proven to be biased and subjective, why should those candidates validate that somebody as fair and objective? let's start calling them as we see them, shall we?

fox is unfair and unbalanced. think progress points out (as does c&l) that last night on hannity and colmes, both hannity and guest annthrax coulter did another one of their famous hit jobs on obama:

coulter remarked, “anyone named b. hussein obama should not use the words ‘hijack’ and ‘religion’ in the same sentence.” host sean hannity added that obama’s remarks were part of a “black separatist agenda.”
the timing was not lost on us, so we wrote a letter to the latimes:

sirs and madams:

it is deliciously ironic that the same day the l.a. times presents scott collins chastizing the democrats for boycotting presidential debates on fox news, ann coulter and sean hannity make the democrats' case for them.

on the hannity & colmes show on june 25, coulter accused sen. barak obama once again of being a terrorist, while sean hannity accused him of having a "black separatist agenda."

and yet scott collins would have the democratic candidates overlook such slurs and bigoted vitriol and lend credence to fox news as an "objective" journalistic organ.

scott collins' premise is completely wrong. fox news is not a "news-gathering organization" that just happens to tilt one way or the other. it is a platform for right wing innuendo, smears and agenda that just happens to report a news item now and then.

we would hope that the entire democratic party would refrain from appearing on that very subjective channel.

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skippy's tuesday nite music club

queen - radio ga ga


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skippy's tuesday nite music club - bonus trax

rick miller - 25 most annoying voices in music singing bohemian rhapsody

very funny


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iraq & afghanistan's 9/11's

pros before hos tells us that every 9 days there is the equivalent number of deaths as we experienced on 9/11:

every 9.62 days, there is an equivalent amount of casualties in iraq & afghanistan as september 11th.

there are 9.65 virginia tech shootings in iraq & afghanistan everyday.

there are 1.61 madrid bombings in iraq & afghanistan everyday.

in 11 days as many iraqi & afghani civilians are killed as the entire amount of american military personnel killed since the invasion of afghanistan in 2002 and the invasion of iraq in 2003.

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june 26 2007

day of net radio silence


save net radio

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his reputation precedes him

there's someone out there that wants to make tony blair an
envoy to try to revive peace prospects after hamas seized control of the gaza strip.

no, i'm not kidding. it's as if no one is listening, isn't it? i go into detail about it over on tami, the one true.
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r.i.p. spc. alexeev

spc. alexandre a. alexeev, 23, wilmington
army spc. alexandre a. alexeev e-mailed his sister from iraq on may 27, assuring her that he had safely completed a mission and was back on base. as always, he downplayed the risks of being stationed in diyala province, one of the most dangerous areas, and looked forward to visiting his family in moreno valley and clubbing with friends in los angeles during an upcoming leave in july.

the next day, memorial day, the 23-year-old wilmington resident — known by friends and family as sasha — was killed along with four other soldiers when they were sent on a rescue mission to a downed helicopter and their humvee hit a roadside bomb in abu sayda.

...alexeev, a native of russia, moved to california with his family nearly a decade ago, as his homeland was struggling with its evolution into a market-based economy and grappling with unfathomable inflation. his mother, who had served in the russian air force and worked as a professional skydiver, was seeking a better life for her two children and settled in lake arrowhead and then hawthorne, where alexeev graduated from high school.

...alexeev was awarded posthumous citizenship
we're promising citizenship to immigrants to fight this unjust war.

for all those on the right who are wining about all "those immigrants" and how they take jobs no "american" wants....go fight this unjust, unlawful war yourselves. leave the alexeev's in this world to live and and enjoy american freedom...not to die for your "yellow elephant" chickenshittedness.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

the lion sleeps tonight - rip hank medress

via nicolle belle at c&l, we find that hank medress, the voice of one of the most recognizable and peppy pop songs from the early 60's, has died. yahoo:

hank medress, whose vocals with the doo wop group the tokens helped propel their irrepressible single "the lion sleeps tonight" to the top of the charts and who produced hits with other groups, has died of lung cancer. he was 68.

he was a teenager at brooklyn's lincoln high school when he launched his vocal quartet in 1955 with neil sedaka, performing as the linc-tones. when sedaka departed for a successful solo career, lead singer jay siegel joined brothers mitch and phil margo and medress to become the tokens.

it wasn't until 1961 that the group scored its singular smash, its hypnotic "wimowehs" derived from a traditional zulu melody. the weavers had made the song a folk staple in the '50s, but the tokens brought their version to no. 1 on the pop charts.
medress went on to produce such acts as tony orlando and dawn, and david johansen aka buster poindexter.

fans of skippy's late nite music club will remember when we presented a video of the tokens' reunion for a doo wop concert, and in hank's memory, we present it again tonight:

rest in peace, hank medress.

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and john f. kennedy loved dealy plaza, too

via alternate brain, we find that awol thinks president lincoln would have just loved what's happening at ford's theater these days:

president lincoln had a great appreciation for the performing arts," bush said. "they offered relief amid the agonies of war, and he would likely be pleased that ford's theatre continues to bring together talented performers from across our country, including those with us tonight."


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no! we did not coin any of those phrases!

reader tabbox sends us nate anderson's article from ars technica which discusses a recent survey by "uk pollsters yougov" that asked for the most hated words on the web. alas, as tabbox points out, "blogtopia" did not make the list:

at thee top of the list (and rightly so) is the word "folksonomy." it's followed by:

• blogosphere
• blog
• netiquette
• blook (don't ask)
• webinar
• vlog
• social networking
• cookie
• wiki
we suppose bill quick must be feeling pretty bad right about now.

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eta tba: now!

here's part two of joan brunwasser's insights from the take back america conference (we discussed part one here).


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skippy's monday nite music club

gnarls barkley - crazy - live at the grammys!


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"i impersonated the law and the law won"

mitt "baseball glove" romney may soon be out one personal assistant slash chauffeur slash director of operations. via first draft we find that jay garrity, one of romney's top aides, is under investigation for...wait for it...impersonating an officer of the law! nytimes:

before taking a leave of absence last friday, garrity was romney's ''director of operations,'' serving as a constant traveling companion, shepherding romney between appointments and controlling access to him. he held a similar role during romney's gubernatorial term…

garrity is under investigation in massachusetts after a caller identifying himself as ''trooper garrity'' of the state police left a lengthy message with a plumbing company, complaining about erratic driving by an employee.

the boston globe reported garrity was linked to a cell phone used to make the call, an allegation garrity's attorney has denied.

the district attorney in boston is investigating the call, which was tape recorded by an answering service used by the plumber. impersonating an officer is a misdemeanor charge carrying a fine of up to $400 and one year imprisonment.

garrity is also under investigation in new hampshire, where he has been accused of telling a new york times reporter who had been following romney's motorcade in new hampshire last month that he had run the license plate of the reporter's rental car, and that he should break away from the caravan.

at the time, romney was riding in the same vehicle as garrity.

the new hampshire attorney general's office is investigating that incident. state law prohibits citizens from accessing the state's license plate database.
remember, the gop is the law and order party!

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will the real dem party please stand up, please stand up, please stand

marshall mathers aside, it does seem strange how few dem candidates want to actually admit it.

the strange death of liberal america finds that:

the word “democrat” or “democratic party” does not appear in the biographies on hillary clinton’s web site or mike gravel’s. john edwards, chris dodd and barack obama mention it once in their web site biographies. bill richardson gives the party three mentions in his bio. joe biden wins the award for most mentions with four. dennis kucinich’s web page would not even load.

as for expressing pride in being a democrat or citing the history of the party, democratic presidential candidates avoid that almost as gingerly as hitler’s relatives avoided their ancestry. notably only bill richardson recognizes the importance of the past, evoking a democrat who today is almost forgotten or regarded as a loser and a dinosaur. richardson writes:

his interest in politics was sparked while on a school trip to washington, d.c. during which senator hubert humphrey stopped to talk to bill and his classmates about american values and the power of public service. governor richardson calls this a turning point in his political awareness: “senator humphrey was a proud democrat and presented his convictions with such strength, that i began to realize how a progressive vision could change the world.”
here in one paragraph a democratic candidate has–say we the cajones–to positively mention his party, hubert humphrey and the importance of a “progressive vision.” that alone is enough to get this blogger a lot more interested in a candidate most still regard as a non factor. blogdom overflows with words and snarky comments about clinton, obama and edwards, yet none of these candidates mentions ” a progressive” vision with richardson’s sense of passion, history and values.

perhaps one reason the other candidates avoid mentioning their party stems from their party’s inability to define itself. i dare you to ask anyone you know what the democrats stand for. if you get an answer other than “i don’t know” or one of rush limbaugh’s rants or something about the war, please post a comment immediately. you may have found something rarer than an endangered species in the amazonian jungle.

lacking a unified set of values, the democrats have also lacked an agenda, putting them on defense much of the time. since the reagan administration, the gop has set the agenda and the democrats try to respond, which represents a complete reversal of the situation even as far back as the days of william jennings bryan. this causes the democratic party look weak and indecisive; the equivalent of that venerable carnival act when a car suffed with clowns tries to put out a fire.

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down the penrose lane



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10 zen monkeys considers youtube's attempt to cultivate active citizens by asking people to upload their questions for next month's cnn debate.

while the washpost has found the 10 most interesting citizen submissions, 10 zen monkeys managed to find the 5 worst questions.

if you're hankerin' to put your voice in the great cacaphony of politainment, remember these tips from youtube:

* be original -- choose your own approach.
* be personal -- your perspective is important.
* choose your focus -- you can address one or all of the candidates.
* keep it quick -- your question should be less than 30 seconds.
* make it look good -- speak loudly and keep that camera steady.
thanks, youtube! we were just going to ask a question we heard chris matthews ask, only ask it over and over again for about 5 minutes while shaking the camera violently! good thing you gave us those tips!

addendum: apparently one of those 5 worst videos (the last one) was so bad that it's no longer available! too unprofessional for youtube? now, that's bad!

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bloga culpa


while doing some blogroll housekeeping and simultaneously keeping track of the dos attack at shakesville, mustang bobby pointed out to us that skippy has been on the blogroll of bark bark woof woof since its inception.

ergo, in accordance with our own amnesty day program, we must hastily correct our omission of that fine blog to our own roll by adding it now! so sorry, mustang bobby! and keep up the good work following the shakesville saga!

addendum: we're adding fixer & gordon to the roll, too!

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we're on fire....again

at least 165 structures were destroyed and as many as 500 more were threatened after a wind-whipped wildfire broke out sunday afternoon just outside of south lake tahoe, authorities said.

by late sunday evening the fast-moving fire was threatening the western boundary of the city and had burned 2,000 acres of heavily wooded, parched terrain just west and south of it. the unincorporated area is between u.s. highway 50 and the popular fallen leaf lake below the slopes of mount tallac. - latte times

keep abreast of the "angora" fire at: tahoedailytribune.com

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a little environmental news to start off the week

e-waste polluting overseas. american waste is literally fueling the fires burning electronics that dot the countryside in china. and many of the original owners of this gear had taken it to be recycled, and thought they'd done the right thing. great lakes radio consortium

want to be sure it's gm-free? buy food in moscow. moscow next week introduces a city-wide label to identify gm-free foods, a move ecologists hail as ground-breaking but which foreign producers say is complex and costly. reuters.

global itching alert. ubiquitous poison ivy is going to get worse, says scientist. hartford courant

two words: less plastic. far out to sea, between japan and north america, a beast-like mass two times the size of texas slowly roams and grows. this is the eastern garbage patch and is likely the world's largest trash dump, according to the los angeles times. houston chronicle,


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wonder what would happen

if this guy was a mexican....
michael kamburowski, the australian immigrant hired as a top official in the california republican party, was ordered deported in 2001, jailed three years later for visa violations -- and has filed a $5 million wrongful arrest lawsuit against the u.s. department of homeland security, according to u.s. district court documents. - sfgate
i'm sure that if this guy were mexican, this lawsuit would be considered "frivolous."

you think the rethuglicans could find an american for this top job in their state party instead of an illegal immigrant.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

saved by the blog

a micro-chip was implanted into mario lopez's brain so that every february he believes he actually is a.c. slater from saved by the bell...yes, it's

28 day slater!

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in our continuing blogroll amensty day program (remember, anyone who blogrolls skippy gets on our blogroll, too!), we are proud to welcome onery bastard to our blogroll.

and, on another note, crooks & liars has a new comments section infrastructured into their blog (ie, no haloscan no mo!)

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skippy's sunday nite music club

it's 3/5 of the yardbirds!

jimmy page, eric clapton & jeff beck - stairway to heaven (instrumental)

addendum: and, thanks to oklahoma kiddo at fdl's comments, here's zep doing it live:


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tv shows we'd like to see

the john f. kennedy experiment, where john f. kennedy dresses in disguises and punks unsuspecting passersby. for instance, he can dress like a peace corps recruitment officer who signs up young teenagers, but actually enlists them into the army and send them to viet nam. it would be hilarious!

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what? insisting on setting the record straight? that's so crazy, it just might work!

we were incredibly amazed and yet, at the same time, happy to hear somebody stop a screeching head-fest on cable tv yesterday in order to get the facts out.

on the morning show on msnbc with jj ramberg, they were having a discussion about the ethics of catholic hospitals refusing to offer the plan b morning after emergency contraception pill to rape victims.

jj's guests were (if we heard correctly, we apologize if we get their names wrong) jim mccaffrey and dana leach. mr. mccaffrey was taking the pro-morning after availability stand; ms. leach was taking the catholic stance that catholics aren't required by any authority to help dispense the pills.

ms. leach said something to the effect that catholic hospitals should not be forced to give out the morning after pills because they have been known to abort fertilized eggs, and besides, the rape victim could go to another hospital.

jj then threw the ball into mr. mccaffrey's court, asking him if it wasn't viable for the victims to go to another doctor to get this medicine.

and that's when we were shocked, and happy, for we heard something we haven't heard on tv news for years: somebody refusing to tangle with a strawman argument, and instead setting the record straight with facts that were deliberately misconstrued.

mr. mccaffrey made a show of saying that before he would go on with the debate, he needed to point out that nobody had ever found evidence that plan b morning after pills ever caused an abortion; no doctor, no peer review, no study ever proved that this medicine aborts fertilized eggs.

we were proud that he killed that false meme on the spot. and he did it without raising his voice or categorizing his opponent in any way. he was just forceful and factual.

would that more people could debate like he did on national tv.

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stem cells! huh! what are they good for? absolutely nothin! say it again!

hank, over at hank's place, makes a good point about awol's logic as to why he won't fund stem cells.

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take the last blog to shakesville

mustang bobby at bark bark woof woof tells us shakesville is still down, but...

but the support for melissa continues to be heard. as i noted yesterday, the shakespeare's sister site is still active, so if you want to stop by there and add to the chorus of support, please do so.

i've heard from those involved in the behind-the-scenes work and i'm confident that once the site is back up, that will be the end of the trolls' attempts to take it down. that's why it's taking a little longer; a fortress isn't built in a day.meanwhile, a lot of other bloggers are speaking out.

- william k. wolfrum

- phydeaux speaks

- frogs and ravens

- incertus- the thinkery

- linkmeister

- teh portly dyke (no, that's not a typo; that's the name of teh blog.)

- the daily background

- skippy the bush kangaroo

- why now?

- wtf is it now??

- petulant rumblings

i'm sure there are more who are on this story; let me know who they are and i'll post the links.
we personally like that mustang bobby mis-typed "the" when talking about typos...we are sure it was purposefully ironic (or at least ironically purposeful).

meanwhile, as mb says, the old site of shakespeare's sister is still up and running, so stop by there and wish them the best.

addendum: jeff fecke, who also writes at shakesville, notes the dos attack on his blog of the moderate left.

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mad about rudy awakenings

mad kane, that is!

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getting back to taking back

joan brunwasser shares her insights about the take back america conference over at op-ed news:

i have just returned from campaign for america's future: take back america 2007 in our nation's capital. it's hard to imagine that this forum hasn't been happening forever. in just six years, this baby of robert borosage and roger hickey has morphed from very modest to major league. this year, there were more than 3,000 conferees. all of the major democratic contenders were there, as well as speaker of the house pelosi and howard dean. the conference was extremely well-run and full of interesting sessions, often at the same time. i struggled to be in more than one place at the same time. the only glitch was that michael moore's flight was cancelled due to bad weather conditions. so he missed his session on health care with clips from his new movie "sicko". we were pretty universally disappointed about that…
w has succeeded in changing the political landscape and it will take us a very long time to undo all the damage he has done. it began with jeb and katherine harris instituting voter purging in florida, prior to the election. according to greg palast, author of armed madhouse, of the 94,000 'felons' purged, "at least 91,000 were innocent legal voters, but the vast majority of these were guilty of nothing more than being black, democrats or both." (p. 40). then, there was the networks' premature pronouncement (kicked off by a bush cousin) and the supreme court's interference in the state recount. it's been downhill ever since. whereas a few years ago, i might have been more reticent about saying that, much of the public has pretty much caught up with my assessment by now.
we hope the take back america conference comes to the left coast next year so skippy can attend!


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Saturday, June 23, 2007

blog ratings...

just for a lark, i took the urls belonging to all ten of us skippy internationalists and ran them through this. here are the results:

g-rated blogs: cookies in heaven and tami, the one true.

pg-rated blogs: blanton's and ashton's, the mystery of the haunted vampire, and old-fashioned patriot.

r-rated blogs: first draft, pudentilla's perspective, and this here big roo's.

and the pair of nc-17 deviants: a night light and {*sheepish grin*} mockingbird's medley.

a little bit of history unknown beyond the walls of skippy international: it just so happens that skippy invited both rj and me to join him on the same day way back in february 2005. i'm now wondering if the planets were badly misaligned that day, or something...

(credit: fixer...)
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happy blogiversary


a big 3 to fallenmonk.


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let's have a frank talk about the birds and the bees

common birds and honeybees are disappearing at an alarming rate. is genetically engineered corn the reason? corpwatch says cargill dow is using their plastic made from corn to garner support for its genetically engineered corn which they claim is the only kind that can make the biodegradable plastic.

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take a gander

take a gander at cinemactivist.com. they tell us their mission statement is

interest in social issue documentaries as a tool for advocacy is seemingly on the rise. online sales and submissions to film distributors is on the rise while festivals such as silverdocs and full frame are including panel discussion focused on social activism and marketing. cinema libre studio, a leader in the distribution of social issue titles, is currently in production on a feature length documentary on the true roots of poverty. to begin building its coalition building, the company will launch an interactive blog, calling it: "cinemactivist."

"people are frustrated with the information they receive through traditional media outlets," says andrew schreiber, head of home entertainment at cinema libre studio. "we are seeing an increase in submissions as well as an increase of sales of our titles. from the feedback we receive, we find that people are turning to films with a social message and using them as tools for activism."

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where has all the oregon?

the freeway blogger hits portland!

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skippy's saturday nite music club

guess who - these eyes


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welcome back, blogger

after a battling a virulent case of ted barlow disease syndrome, enigma4ever has returned to watergate summer as of late.

we know how difficult it is to avoid an onslaught of tbd syndrome. especially after the hard work of getting democrats elected into office last november, only to have them turn around and acquiesce to awol's demands for funding the iraq war.

blogging can be incredibly discouraging, so when someone is able to overcome the dark pits of despair and return to daily dissemination, as enigma4ever has done, we can only offer our admiration and a hearty "good show, old chum!"

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denial of service attacks on shakesville

bryan over at why now? has some news....as does mustang bobby over at bark bark woof woof.

[ed. note: more here...and if you're dropping in from bark bark woof woof, welcome! come on in! take your shoes off! set a spell! and click the kangaroo in the upper right hand corner for a look at the whole blog!]


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(un)american (non)enterprise institution(alized)

had this to say in nov. 2006
prepare to bomb iran. make no mistake, president bush will need to bomb iran’s nuclear facilities before leaving office. it is all but inconceivable that iran will accept any peaceful inducements to abandon its drive for the bomb. its rulers are religio-ideological fanatics who will not trade what they believe is their birthright to great power status for a mess of pottage. even if things in iraq get better, a nuclear-armed iran will negate any progress there. nothing will embolden terrorists and jihadists more than a nuclear-armed iran.

the global thunder against bush when he pulls the trigger will be deafening, and it will have many echoes at home. it will be an injection of steroids for organizations such as moveon.org. we need to pave the way intellectually now and be prepared to defend the action when it comes. in particular, we need to help people envision what the world would look like with a nuclear-armed iran. apart from the dangers of a direct attack on israel or a suitcase bomb in washington, it would mean the end of the global nonproliferation regime and the beginning of iranian dominance in the middle east. - aei (joshua muravchik)
help general clark and votevets.org - stopiranwar.com before it's too too late.

tip o' the kangaroo tail to tom rinaldo's kos diary.

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commander cookoo bananas awol trashes new orleans..yet again

at a congressional mardi gras themed picnic on the south lawn, awol thinks he can make a "funny" about new orleans in the wake of katrina's destruction.
i want to thank our chef, paul prudhomme, from new orleans, louisiana — one of the great chefs in america. thanks for coming, paul. (applause.) i thank tony snow and his bunch of, well, mediocre musicians — (laughter) — no, great musicians. beats workin, thanks for coming. (applause.) kermit, come up here. kermit, we’re proud to have you.

mr. ruffins: well, thanks for having us.

awol: kermit ruffins and the barbeque swingers, right out of new orleans, louisiana. (applause.)

mr. ruffins: thank you. thanks for having us. we’re glad to be here.

awol: proud you’re here. thanks for coming. you all enjoy yourself. make sure you pick up all the trash after it’s over. (laughter.) - white house transcript
humid city cordially invites awol to go to "hades"

go visit humid city and send some love their way. if you have a love of country and our democracy it's a tough time to blog about what you're seeing. it's even tougher if you are blogging from a city that has been abandoned.

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kudos to sentor johnson (d-sd)

and our prayers to him for a speedy recovery so he can do more "good" in congress.
thousands of trailers have been idling in arkansas and texas, prompting criticism about government waste. they originally were purchased to house people displaced by the hurricane, but fema officials said regulations against placing the homes in flood plains prevented their use on the gulf coast.

sen. tim johnson, d-sd., urged the agency to donate the trailers to american indian country, but the agency said federal law dictated the trailers must be used for disaster victims.

in september, johnson pushed through legislation allowing to sell or donate the trailers.

"i saw pictures of tens of thousands of empty mobile homes sitting unused in hope, ark., while south dakota's indian tribes were struggling through a tough winter with inadequate housing," johnson said in the statement.- ap

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silence is not golden


in response to a impending royalty rate increase that, if implemented, could lead to the virtual shutdown of internet radio in the us, thousands of webcasters plan to go silent next tuesday, june 26, to draw attention to their industry's plight.

webcasters will be alerting their listeners that "silence" is what internet radio may sound like on or shortly after july 15th, the day on which 17 months' worth of retroactive royalty increase payments are due to the soundexchange collection organization under the terms of a recent copyright royalty board (crb) decision.

call your congresscritter.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

in the war against crime, actors announcing presidential candidacy are especially heinous

via palmetto scoop, fred "die hard 2" thompson is slated to announce his candidacy next week in nahsville. wsmv:

source close to the campaign planning tells wsmv that that thompson planned to announce his candidacy on the steps of the historic fall school building tuesday, but thompson campaign officials deny that tuesday's announcement is an official run for the white house.

the source tells wsmv report says that the thompson campaign has obtained the lease for that building to turn it into a national campaign office.

"everything's in place for tuesday," the source told wsmv. "there are three major events built around his announcement." but bob davis, the tennessee republican party chairman, and thompson's former chief of staff says "there will not be an annoucement tuesday."
upon hearing the news, sam waterston said, "at last, i get to be da!"

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commander cookoo bananas awol thinks he's king

and, like darth cheney's office, awol says his office is "exempt" from oversight and he doesn't need to follow the executive order he signed in 2003.

how much more destruction of our country and constitution will it take before we impeach this mentally challenged thief claiming to be king? could someone in congress grow some real testicles or spine here?

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call in the vice squad

"vice" president cheney says law doesn't apply to him. he doesn't need to respond to any stinking subpoenas...

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take back the cocktail party circuit

echidne of the snakes hob-nobbed with some fabulous progressives at a gathering at the take back america conference:

for example, i met the billionaires for bush at the cocktail reception on tuesday night. they are very funny. one of them told me that i clean up quite well (i was in my best duds and had high heels n all) and if i only could get some funds i could be one of them! a new career path opened up for me. -- anyway, i might write about them.

also on the code pink people. i interviewed a pink police officer holding a large "stop the war" traffic sign. they are an interesting bunch of people and the way they are downplayed is also fascinating. it has feminist links, too.


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skippy's friday nite music club

what better way to spend a friday nite than with...

the butthole surfers - who was in my room last night

skippy was lucky enough to see the surfers live back in the 80's when the played a venue that was in the same building as a small comedy club that skippy was working at.

bs rock!


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oh, that whacky "liberal" nytimes....

Originally uploaded by John Edwards 2008
thinking they're the soprano family in print....trying to "whack" john edwards.

the edwards campaign is pushing back hard against today's enormous front-page new york times piece alleging that there was something untoward about the fact that the antipoverty programs set up by john edwards provided a "bridge" to his presidential campaign. the story has already come under fire here, here, and here.

but we've just learned something new and surprising about the story. the edwards campaign has just told us on the record that the times refused the chance to talk to any real, live beneficiaries of edwards' programs. - greg sargent on tpm cafe

so...the grey lady runs a hit piece on the front page above the fold that is filled with innuendo, straying into mind-reading, indulging in motive assessment without actually talking with people in the program? oh, yeah...i don't think that is liberal...i think it's more like libel.

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this is the way the "trickle down" theory works...

the uber wealthy piss on the rest of us.

the chief executive of a livermore startup company has pleaded guilty to evading more than $400,000 in income taxes stemming from an embezzlement scheme that helped him pay for a ferrari, baroni suits and expensive wine, authorities said today.

john frances griffin, 44, formerly of orinda and the head of vaportech inc., entered guilty pleas thursday before u.s. district judge claudia wilken in oakland. he admitted that he had evaded paying taxes in 2004 and 2005, years when he had taxable earnings of more than $1.1 million.

..griffin allegedly stashed wads of cash in candles and coke cans, and a former girlfriend told the fbi that he once told her, "only idiots pay taxes." - sfgate

yo...griffin...you want to tell the taxpayer supported troops that?


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kangaroo blogging friday

Originally uploaded by Andrew C Wallace
coming and going version

you can find more fuzzy fotos at the modulator's friday ark #144


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Thursday, June 21, 2007

john prine: flag decal


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anyone seen david copperfield lately?

is he in south america? because there's a lake down there just disappeared in a "splash"
officials are trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of a large lake in southern chile after recently discovering a 30m-deep crater instead of the body of water. - the australian

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rahm responds

"today, we discovered that everything we learned in u.s.. government class was wrong. evidently, the vice president does not consider himself a part of the executive branch, and therefore believes he can obstruct meaningful oversight and avoid being held accountable. if the vice president truly believes he is not a part of the executive branch, he should return the salary the american taxpayers have been paying him since january 2001, and move out of the home for which they are footing the bill."

thanks to tpm cafe

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al (chi)qaeda banana

you remember this case....where a u.s. company pleads guilty to funding a terrorist group. they might not be alone....

chiquita brands international admitted in us court last month that it paid $1.7 million to colombia's brutal right-wing militias over the course of eight years. the company said it did so to protect its employees and agreed to pay a $25 million fine. the case is sparking outrage in the capital, bogotá, where officials want to see company executives on trial.

...the right-wing united self defense forces of colombia (auc) joined the ranks of al qaeda and hamas on the state department's list of terrorist organizations in september 2001. colombia's two main leftist rebel groups, known as farc and eln are also on the list.

...at least three multinationals operating in colombia – coal mining giant drummond, nestle, and coca-cola – have been targeted in civil lawsuits in the us that claimed these companies paid paramilitaries to kill or intimidate union workers. the chiquita case could pave the way for investigations into other companies, as well. "corporations are on notice that they cannot make protection payments to terrorists," said assistant attorney general kenneth wainstein on announcing the plea agreement. a justice department spokesman declined to say whether probes into those firms are under way.

...chiquita did not just pay the auc. it also admitted to – but was not prosecuted by the justice department for – paying the farc and eln rebel armies before the paramilitaries took control of the region. - christian science monitor
so...those "good americans" at the justice department didn't see fit to prosecute a company aiding these terrorists, too?


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