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Monday, May 28, 2007

where's the wanking on the right

when relatives of il duce due awol's relatives are involved with hedge funds?
lehman brothers has nabbed george h. walker, the ceo of goldman sachs hedge fund strategies, to be the global head of its $188 billion investment management division, lehman brothers announced today. - the street
a first cousin of president bush is emerging as a peripheral player in the increasingly bizarre bayou management hedge fund scandal.

sources say john p. ellis, a former journalist turned investment banker, represented several companies in investment presentations to im partners, a side venture set up by samuel israel and daniel marino. israel and marino were the management team that ran bayou and who federal prosecutors allege defrauded investors out of $300 million. - the street

you remember john p. ellis, don't you....he's the one that "called the election."
a fox news consultant involved in making judgments about presidential "calls" on election night admits he was in touch with george w. bush and florida gov. jeb bush by telephone several times during the evening, but denies having broken any rules.

fox is considering disciplinary action against the consultant, john ellis, who is a cousin to bush and a former boston globe columnist who stopped writing about the campaign for the paper, citing family "loyalty" to bush. - cbs

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Nice connection, Jill.
commented by Blogger Carl, 11:22 AM PDT  
the statement is totally wrong. i know the facts as i was there
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:42 AM PDT  

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