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Monday, May 28, 2007

warner brothers tries to save taz

the studio made millions off of the cartoon version of "the tasmanian devil" and now wants to give some back to save the "real life" version.
warner bros. will donate money from the sale of dvd's featuring bugs bunny and daffy duck to help efforts to save the tasmanian devil from extinction, an australian official said.

the looney tunes character taz -- a whirling, growling rival to bugs bunny -- is based on the australian marsupial, which is being threatened by a contagious cancer in its homeland, the island state of tasmania. - ap
“tasmanians are faced with an enormous challenge to save one of our most precious icons, the tasmanian devil, and the tasmanian government will ensure we can do everything in our power to make this happen,” ms wreidt said. - thewest.com.au
let's just hope the tasmanian devil's story doesn't end the usual looney tunes way..."that's all, folks!"

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Having seen a few tassie devils in my life, I have to say that I consider them to be unfortunately ugly buggers, which should bear no weight as to whether they should be helped to succeed.

They are mean looking eating machines - no fingers, toes or anything else near the cage please...
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