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Thursday, May 31, 2007

using slave labor to build the u.s. embassy

in iraq.
during a telephone interview last weekend, [a high-level project manager] said the laborers “had their backs to the wall,” and had been living 20 to a trailer. protests over first kuwaiti’s bad food, abusive treatment from managers and unsafe working conditions were routine among many of the 2,700 workers during much of 2005 and 2006.

...the most basic of medical needs missing and that clinics lacked hot water, disinfectant and hand washing stations. ...prescription pain killers were being handed out “like a candy store … and then people were sent back to work,” to operate heavy equipment or climb scaffolding...- iraq slogger via think progress
oh, and the state department freaked out that americans found out about $592 million, 104 acre (think 80 football fields) monstro-city they want to call the u.s. embassy in iraq and ordered the photos taken off the website of the architects. but think progress has some visuals captured.

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isn't 104 acres just a little over 100 football fields (counting only the in-bounds zone)?
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