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Monday, May 28, 2007

united databases of america

it's just not possible illegals who will have to be screened by the government...everyone who works will have to get ready to be screened.
the screening system, called basic pilot, is run by the department of homeland security. so far, it's being used by only about 16,700 employers — 2,100 or so in california — out of 7 million nationwide.

but it's set to dramatically expand into a national electronic employment verification system under the senate proposal; within 18 months, it could be used to check every new hire in the country. as the legislation is written, all 150 million workers in the united states will have to submit to the checks within three years.

..."we're handing over the power to the federal government to tell us yes, we can work, or no, we can't work, and because the database isn't what it should be, there are people who are going to be told they can't work," said tyler moran, employment policy director for the national immigration law center, which advocates for immigrant rights. "this is going to affect every single worker in the country, and this is going to affect every business in the country." - latte times

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What does this new database check? I've done some work with DHS and I can tell you that there are all kinds of restrictions with regards to sharing information in these databases. It makes automatically checking criminal records a near impossiblity for some systems. As much fun as it is to get swept up in paranoia, the safeguards in place are no joke.
commented by Blogger K T Cat, 5:58 AM PDT  
Have we lost our minds? The party of less government isn't satisfied with buggy no-fly lists, for example, and now wants to "screen" every worker in the country? Since the vast majority of workers aren't illegal but may've done something suspect like get divorced, what madness is this?

What is really the point here?
commented by Anonymous tata, 6:03 AM PDT  

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