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Monday, May 28, 2007

skippy's monday nite music club - bonus trax

the video is nothing much, simply pictures of the two bands, but...

beatles vs. nine inch nails - come closer together mashup

one of the best mashups we've ever heard...it proves that a good mashup isn't only about rhythm, lyrics and timing, but about putting the very cores of two songs side by side and examining the similarities and differences.

and if you think about it, come together is probably a distant cousin to closer in spirit.

we suggest you sit back and close your eyes as you listen.


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it's great, but it sounds like they used stripped-down or special non-commercial versions of both songs, which is kinda cheating in my mind--a perfect mashup works with the full versions and not certain tracks or just the vocals from one, etc.
commented by Blogger amberglow, 3:28 PM PDT  
gee, i thought the inclusion of the word "fuck" added some veracity to both songs...
commented by Blogger skippy, 3:35 PM PDT  
Arrived via FDL and Donita's mashup thread. This one is smooth, I like it quite a lot. Have to add to my small collection of favored Beatles mashups. Thanks!
commented by Anonymous daryljfontaine, 6:27 AM PDT  
I really love this mashup.

Where's the mp3 of it?

came by from C&L comments..
commented by Blogger YO, E ROCKS!, 8:55 PM PDT  

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