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Thursday, May 31, 2007

scattered to light blogging

skippy will be blogging only intermittantly these next few days, as he has taken mrs. skippy over to the mandalay bay in las vegas to celebrate their anniversary.

addendum: skippy also promises to learn how to spell "intermittently" before he gets back.


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Happy anniversary!

May you have many more happy years together.
commented by Anonymous archcrone, 5:04 AM PDT  
Happy anniversary Mr & Mrs Roo!!

Have fun in Vegas!
commented by Blogger SB Gypsy, 11:10 AM PDT  
Or, start using Firefox with its built-in spell checker and never worry about those pesky misspellings again (but watch out for the darned antonyms!).

And whatever happens in Vegas, do us a favor and leave it there. :-)
happy anniversary!

don't lose too much--stick to penny/nickel/quarter slots! (i always win on nickels and pennies) : >
commented by Blogger amberglow, 4:27 PM PDT  
And if you go back home in just your trousers and shoes, you can tell your friends, "I took my wife to Vegas for our anniversary, and all I lost was my shirt."

Happy anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Skippy...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 5:54 PM PDT  

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