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Friday, May 11, 2007

rip zola taylor

we are sorry to be remiss in reporting the passing of one of rock's legendary pioneers. zola taylor, the lady who broke gender barriers by appearing w/her male colleagues in the seminal group the platters, passed away last week at age 69. asspress:

founding platters member herb reed said he spotted taylor, the sister of cornell gunter of the coasters, rehearsing with a girl group in 1955 and knew immediately she had the charisma and vocal chops the r&b group needed.

the all-male group had just signed with mercury after its single only you topped the charts, and its manager thought the platters needed a female voice to soften their sound.

"she was a very pretty young lady and what a great, great smile," reed said. "and she had this baby voice that everyone liked."

the great pretender raced to the no. 1 spot on both r&b and pop-music charts in the u.s. and europe, according to the encyclopedia of pop, rock and soul, by irwin stambler.

"it was a great surprise to everyone," reed said. "we were the first afro-american group to have a girl singer. that was the talk of the nation. all of the sudden, other groups started looking for girls”…

taylor was back in the spotlight in the 1980s when she and two other women all claimed to be [frankie] lymon's widow and fought over his royalties. lymon, a juvenile pop sensation in the 1950s with hits such as why do fools fall in love?, had died of a drug overdose in 1968 at 25.

to celebrate her life, we bring you two of the platters' biggest hits:

the great pretender and

only you...

both the first from rock around the clock and both introduced by the grandaddy of all dj's, alan freed.

now she's with frankie.

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I guess we missed it, because smoke got in our eyes. RIP
commented by Anonymous Stanley Rosenthal, 9:41 PM PDT  
I'm sorry I missed this one.

Thanks, skippy, for giving her some props.
commented by Blogger SteveAudio, 1:21 AM PDT  

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