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Monday, May 21, 2007

herb caen't dot dot dot

we are sorry to learn from our good friend joe gandelman of the moderate voice that the sanfran chronicle will cut jobs by a fourth:

coming on the heels of steep job cuts at the los angeles times, and the sale of the times, plus the sale of the legendary knight-ridder chain, this spells yet more b-a-d n-e-w-s for the print media. the paper itself reports:

to cut costs and try to adapt to a changing media marketplace, the chronicle will trim 25 percent of its newsroom staff by the end of the summer.

“this is one of the biggest one-time hits we’ve heard about anywhere in the country,” said tom rosenstiel, director of the project for excellence in journalism, in washington.

eighty reporters, photographers, copy editors and others, as well as 20 employees in management positions are expected to be laid off by end of the summer. chronicle publisher frank vega said friday that voluntary buyouts are likely to be offered.

vega declined to say whether the paper is continuing to lose $1 million a week, as hearst attorney daniel wall stated in court in november during a hearing on an antitrust suit filed by san francisco businessman clint reilly.

“we’re not getting into any specifics at this point,” vega said. “it’s fairly common knowledge that we have had a tough financial row here for several years. as we continue to evaluate our situation, unfortunately continued belt-tightening is necessary.”
that's too bad, tho not unexpected. we've spent several of our formative years in the bay area, and the chronicle (and it's legendary pink section on sunday) entertained us in ways too numerous to mention.

alas, so goes the way of the dead trees media in the 21st century.

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