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Saturday, May 12, 2007

freedom of blog

readers of this space may remember when cookie jill wrote about the paper/web edition pasadenanow outsourcing news writing jobs to india, which was reported on the blog foothill cities.

in unrelated news, other than it's the same blog in question, the city attorney of pomona has threatened foothill cities with "legal proceedings" for publishing accusations from an unnamed source about certain goings on at the city hall.

a while ago we floated some rumors circulating via email concerning certain goings on in pomona's city hall. we figured the accusations were so far out there that they wouldn't cause any harm, and we figured we'd learn more about what was going on by asking our readers about them. we also sent emails to all the parties concerned. we eventually decided that posting the name of one of the parties in question would be unfair, so we removed the name of that city employee from our little blog. although we were able to maintain private email correspondence with that person, the city of pomona made sure that all our emails to city officials were sent back to us as spam.

some time passed, and (it seems) the city manager did comment on our blog, although he made an unintentionally amusing spelling error in the process. what became clear from some of our comments and emails was simply that there were people out there who really didn't like the city manager, and they were either telling bald-faced lies or something close to the truth. other than that comment, we got nothing even close to official from anyone in the city. until yesterday.
you can see the c&d letters over on foothill cities. they have decided to cease and desist after all, not having the quazillion dollars needed to fight a court case.

but it makes them, their commenters, and us wonder, why would a city government want a blog to stop speculating about what's going on at city hall, unless there's something going on at city hall?

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nothing to see here

no gambling going on at this casino

here are your winnings mr skippy

no need to round up the usual suspects

this DON'T look like the beginning of a beautiful friendship

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Sounds like Pomona has laid down a challenge to Blogtopia (y!sctp). Who's got game?
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