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Thursday, May 31, 2007

ap is watching us

quote them.
the associated press will intensify its efforts to protect its copyrights on the web and possibly uncover new sources of revenue by working with a silicon valley startup that's trying to help the media gain more control over digital content. - ap via seattle p.i.
ken doctor, an affiliate analyst with outsell research, thinks that anything ap is testing could pave the way for other newspapers. "i think it's part of a pattern on the front-end. content needs to be freely distributed, but that doesn't mean free. if that is to happen we need to know where it is." - editor & publisher
just wait...the important news that everyone should able to access will be behind pay to read walls while the fluffstuff (bald bimbo's barfing and spoiled brats passing out in passenger seats after, what, their second or third stint at a rehab center)


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Cookie Jill,

Have you seen this?

Part 1- Greg Palast and RFK in NYC- MayDay 2007

Something tells me that you'll love it.
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