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Thursday, May 24, 2007

15 landscape gardeners found shot dead

or rather, members of "a vegetative management team" of the four legged variety.
fifteen young goats, part of a herd of several hundred goats grazing for weed-control purposes near king estates recreation area in the oakland hills, were found shot to death tuesday morning.

..."the concern we have is that it's probably a young person with a rifle that is out shooting squirrels, and then decides to move on to the goats. really senseless acts of violence against animals present a disturbing pattern — you don't want to see it escalate to harming more animals. so it's not a good sign, and we've notified park rangers to be on the lookout for someone like this."

the officer found the 15 juvenile goats in a corner of one of the 30-by-60-foot portable corrals set up by the herd's owner, about 200 feet from howard elementary school, police said. the goats were killed with a large weapon, possibly a .22-caliber rifle, cronin said. "there were entry and exit wounds. this was definitely not just a pellet gun," he said.

...."the goats are a very special and reassuring part of the community experience here in our peaceful and friendly little neighborhood," said resident tamara thompson. "they herald the coming of summer. this is my ninth summer of goats, and there is blood. i am heartbroken." - insidebayarea.

goats have been increasingly used to pare back the "fire food" in various areas of the state,
from the end of the rainy season until september, hundreds of goats are brought to the east bay hills from the carquinez strait to castro valley to munch on vegetation and overgrown weeds to increase fire safety. the goats are hired from private herders. - sfchron
including around the getty museum
tom bristow of the county fire department said the goats are often more efficient than a hand crew or bulldozer. - knbc.
and, because of california's extreme fire hazard conditions due to drought, and these goats were being used to aid in lessening the danger to firefighters and the community, who ever is found responsible for this heartbreakingly senseless act, should be charged with a crime against the state.

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The mexicans did it to eliminate their competition - the last ones left in the 50 states.
commented by Blogger rMatey, 3:54 PM PDT  
Or... it could be some white-trash, snot-nosed redneck teenager who just got his NRA membership and wanted to try the new gun his old man bought for him.

He's sitting at home right now hoping like Hell that none of his friends he bragged to about this little 'hunting adventure' squeal to the cops. Beads of sweat are forming on his empty, narrow forehead as we speak.

I couldn't see any Mexican worker do something this stupid and cruel. Naw, the perp here is a local boy.

But that's just me.
commented by Blogger David Aquarius, 2:14 AM PDT  

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