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Saturday, April 28, 2007

speaking of doctors....

you might need to call one if you have eaten some california seafood.

citing concerns over the domoic acid poisoning that has already sickened hundreds of birds, state health regulators on friday urged people not to eat certain types of seafood — including shellfish and sardines — caught by recreational fishermen off most of the southern california coast. the warning also covers the organs of commercially sold lobster and crabs as well as those caught by recreational anglers.

...tom raftican, president of united anglers of southern california, was not surprised to learn of the quarantine. but he was concerned for the health of anyone consuming seafood containing the toxin.

"we see sea lions washed up on the beach from the domoic acid poisoning," he said. "it's hard to escape the consequences when you see large mammals like that in a state of such illness.

"we're also concerned for the health of our ocean," he added. "these are forage fish. they are key to the health of the whole ecosystem. If you take out an important piece of the food chain, it will affect the other parts." - latte times

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