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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

whoooo hoooooo!

the "secret holder" on senate campaign disclosure parity act, s. 223....

the reform measure, sponsored by senators russell feingold, democrat of wisconsin, and thad cochran, republican of mississippi, was suddenly stopped on the way to passage by the g.o.p. floor manager acting in behalf of some unidentified colleague. senator dianne feinstein, the democrat of california who shepherded the bill through earlier committee gates with unanimous approval, was mystified as she wondered aloud about “somebody in this body” up to an old trick. it is time for someone — senator mustard in the cloakroom, perhaps — to end the hold and stop embarrassing the senate. - nytimes

has been revealed.

senator judd gregg (r) of my childhood home state of new hampshire. (pictured to the left of awol)

this really chaps my hide. time to donate to the democrats in the granite state to remove this cowardly piece of guano from the senate.

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