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Friday, April 27, 2007

skippy's friday nite music club

crystal method - trip like me

from the spawn soundtrack...not the worst comic book movie ever made.

but on that subject, which is the worst comic book movie ever made? in our opinions, hulk just barely beats out fantastic four (thanks to michael chiklis' great rendition of ben grimm in the latter...and no thanks to nick nolte's unfocused tirade as bruce banner's dad in the former.

consider this an open thread.

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Daredevil, despite the presence of Jon Favreau and Jennifer Garner, failed to provide any conflict or character development for either DD or the Kingpin. On the other hand, Catwoman - how was Sharon Stone ovwerlooked by the Oscars? And where was Danny DeVito when we needed him?
commented by Blogger Sanity Clause, 10:18 PM PDT  
Kathy Lee Gifford's portrayal of Wonder Woman? Superman IV? Supergirl, tho Helen Slater was kinda cute. Does Garfield count?
commented by Anonymous sean on li, 8:35 AM PDT  
garfield counts.
commented by Blogger skippy, 4:51 PM PDT  
however, sanity clause, while i agree w/you on daredevil, the sequel electra was not a bad rental.
commented by Blogger skippy, 4:52 PM PDT  

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