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Sunday, April 29, 2007

she's with the banned

markos has banned msoc.

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KOS -- big britches
commented by Blogger Scorpio, 2:48 PM PDT  
I've posted an "initial" response. Too tired to really put my nose to the grindstone about this yet...

My Initial Response to Markos Moulitsas Banning Me from Daily Kos
commented by Blogger Maryscott OConnor, 5:27 PM PDT  
I know who Maryscott is. Who's Markos?
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 4:54 AM PDT  
This just rots. Banned on a technicality?

Mr Mysogeny CAN do it. The real question is "should he have done it?"
commented by Blogger Connecticut Man 1, 5:51 AM PDT  
And the story continues...

Breaking: Markos Upholds Ban
MSOC is a moonbat who makes everyone else on the left look bad, and who almost certainly will end up in an institution.

Kos should have banned her long ago, she was a festerin boil on his site whose only interest was to attract attention to herself anyway she could.

She is a drama queen and an attention addict.
commented by Anonymous rob, 11:28 AM PDT  
Thank you for sharing, Rob.

That's an awful lotta words for someone who probably thinks "proletariat" is a kind of cheese.
commented by Blogger Maryscott OConnor, 2:18 AM PDT  

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