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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

say hello

to evil bobby, who mistakenly ascribes pundentilla's gender to skippy. the mistake is natural, as c&l also attributed pundentilla's work to skippy.

if skippy were not so damnedably ethical, he would do well by taking credit for pundentilla's work, as she is certainly more erudite and analytical than skippy. but we digest.

addendum: also, say hello to left at the gate, a blog about horse racing from a progressive point of view. no, we didn't make that up.

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we're all one under the anti-aWol sun - I'm honored to have my posts attributed to your nom de blog.
commented by Blogger Pudentilla, 4:00 AM PDT  
Yikes my bad!
commented by Blogger DAV, 7:29 AM PDT  
Pudentilla: I am ready to eat my crow. Pass the mustard.

I have updated with a link to your site. Mercy is a virtue, though I wouldn't need to remind someone as super friendly and cool as yourself of that. :O(
commented by Blogger DAV, 7:56 AM PDT  

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