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Sunday, April 29, 2007

rush to judgement

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yes, we are too afraid to put him in blackface

john amato at c&l is reporting that black employees of radio stations are pretty p.o.'d about limbaugh's "barack the magic negro" parody:

updated: rush limbaugh has angered many black employees over this parody song called "barack the magic negro" this isn't the first or the last time that limbaugh will go after obama's race...

i've been told that they have held meetings internally to deal with a ground swell of anger at rush because of this.

update: i've anonymously confirmed that stations around the country who carry the show are having concerns expressed by listeners and even their own workers of color about the obama parody, and the ensuing controversy in the media, and that respective managements are considering ways to address the matter with as little imus-like backlash as possible,..this is starting to boil over…
we hope it is starting to boil over. and you can help it along.

via antirepublican at the unfiltered news network forum (hat tip malmo blue commenting at c&l), here's a list of links to some of limbaugh's advertisers:

of course, the last one, premiere radio network, is actually rush's syndicator (don't mention that skippy used to work there in the 90's when you call!)

and, on prn online, a parody site of premiere (hat tip to wess commenting at c&l), here's a list of phone numbers of "some" of rush's advertisers:

autozone (901) 495-6500
bose wave radio 508-766-7781
mission pharmacal(makers of citracal) (800) 531-3333
general steel metal buildings 1-888-98-steel
hotwire discount travel 415-343-8444
lending tree (704) 541-5351
life quotes 1-800-670-5433
red lobster (407) 245-6546
select comfort 763-551-7460
mission pharmacal(makers of thera-gesic) (800) 531-3333
overstock.com (801) 947-3100
remember, when calling, be polite and focused. ask the advertisers why they choose to continue to support someone who is patently racist. inform them you will no longer/never buy their products/services, and you will actively work to spread the word that they support racism on a national level.

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A mime is a terrible thing to waste...
commented by Blogger Marked Hoosier, 1:42 PM PDT  
Skippy, *please* steal this:

commented by Blogger Scorpio, 3:55 PM PDT  
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've been going to Barnes & Noble for probably 50+ years, since I was a kid, and had NO IDEA that they advertised on "that show." I sent them off a politely worded email suggesting that they spend their advertising dollars elsewhere. Do they really think that the creatures that listen to his show read? Does Ann Coulter sell THAT many books?
commented by Anonymous Marion in Savannah, 6:03 PM PDT  
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