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Monday, April 30, 2007

rush fools in where angels fear to tread

helium sends us their overview of limbaugh's current "barack the magic negro" hoo-ha.

the same day a video was created for the song by a web site called political party poop, which is critical of black activists. (one of the page's categories collects what it says are "negro scams.")

http://politicalpartypoop.com/2007/04/25/the-magic-n egro-revisited/

the song and video went largely unnoticed for a month. during this time don imus, another radio commentator, was fired after a public outcry over a racially-charged comment. (imus used the words "nappy-headed hos" to describe black women on the rutgers basketball team.) on april 24 the weblog for an online cartoon asked a seemingly simple question: why don imus was fired for his three-word comment, while limbaugh remained on the air for his song parody?


as the discussion gerw, it drew an observation from msnbc on the weblog for their show countdown with keith olberman. "rush's defense of course, will be that it was the la times that started the whole 'magic negro' meme in respect to obama...so rush can hardly be blamed for so enthusiastically running with this when he's clearly holding a 'be a racist for free' card."


limbaugh has been accused of racism before. he was fired from providing football commentary on espn after only his first appearance, when he said philadelphia eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb was propped up because "the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well." and just 11 days ago, media matters flagged a limbaugh comment for echoing racial stereotypes. (limbaugh said the black contestants on survivor would be at a disadvantage when they got to the swimming competition.)


public reaction is still growing, but limbaugh could face the same intense reaction that led to calls for don imus's firing. it also presents both a risk and an opportunity for barack obama, who has pledged to run a positive campaign, but has also been recognized as a highly effective and persuasive speaker.

whether by design or by accident, this could ultimately become a defining moment on the road to the 2008 presidential elections.
remember, here's a partial list of limbaugh's advertisers w/contact info, for you to use to ask them why they sponsor obvious racism. be polite, yet firm!

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