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Sunday, April 29, 2007

muir would

readers of this space remember when we cited jon swift, who puzzled over "day by day" creator chris muir's use of hillary in black face.

you'll recall that he mused what "peanuts" would be like if muir were the artist:

if chris muir drew charles schulz's peanuts, for example, he wouldn't have bothered drawing a panel showing lucy pulling the football away at the last minute when charlie brown tries to kick it. that would be too old school for him. instead, muir would just have lucy say, "democrats always pull the football away at the last minute when you are trying to kick it, charlie brown." lucy and charlie brown would also probably be in their underwear.
at the end of mr. swift's post, he issued a challenge to blogtopia, and yes, we coined that phrase:

update: talkaboutcomics responds (to a suggestion by reinder dijkhuis) with "jon swift has a drawing assignment for you!": "i’m sure there are some of you who can, er, take this ball and run with it. and it doesn’t have to be peanuts, of course: for better or for worse “drawn” chris muir-style? calvin and hobbes? fetus-x? show us how chris muir would do your favourite newspaper, comic book or web comic!"
we took up that challenge. but, alas, we failed. can you spot our mistake?


yes, you are correct. we accidentally put in a real joke.

[ed. note: we had to re-work the dialogue balloons with a new, sort-of self-invented font. appropriately enough it was bitch, phd who complained that our original comic was hard to read.]

addendum: shaenon jumps on the "why day by day sucks" bandwagon:

i'm not saying that white cartoonists shouldn't draw minority characters; on the contrary, i'd like to see more diversity in comics, and it gets boring drawing white people all the time. but using a black character specifically to advance political views with which most black people not currently serving as secretary of state violently disagree seems...i dunno, a little disingenuous. in fact, i find it faintly ironic that muir would accuse clinton of donning political blackface, when the main character in his strip is essentially a blackface version of chris muir.

between this strip and scott stantis' prickly city, i think there are now more black republicans in conservative comics than there are in the actual republican party.

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Pity. Up until the joke, you were spot on.
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Mutts is our favorite too!
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