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Saturday, April 28, 2007

i don't think jesus would do this

delete evidence during an ongoing investigation.

guess monica "i'll take the 5th" goodling didn't get that memo...but she sent out this one....after congressional investigation began.

"these are new and updated usa documents to be used with media and friendlies. please delete prior versions."

the anonymous liberal points out:
it is in this context that monica goodling, four days later, sends out the above- displayed email, which attaches updated talking points re: griffin/cummins and various other u.s. attorney related issues and instructs the recipients to delete prior versions of the documents.

as a litigator, i can tell you, that's a real no-no. you never instruct people to delete documents that are relevant to a pending investigation. never. that's true even when the investigating body hasn't yet got around to requesting those documents. it smacks of obstruction. indeed, the obstruction of congress statute, 18 u.s.c ยง 1505, specifically prohibits any attempts to obstruct "the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation is being had by either house, or any committee of either house or any joint committee of the congress." the penalty is up to 5 years in prison.

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Skippy, dont you know that Bush and his croneys are above the law?

The House just offered Goodling immunity to force her testimony. Anyone know what type of immunity that was?
commented by Blogger Sangemon, 2:37 PM PDT  
sagemon: My understanding is the immunity offered was against mumps.

commented by Blogger spocko, 2:59 PM PDT  

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