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Friday, April 27, 2007

hug an ant today

readers of this space may remember the rants of avery ant, which we featured on a semi-regular basis.

the author of those rants (yes, avery had a ghost writer...probably an aphid...) has donated his talents to megan's walk, by writing this virtual card: the elevator hug. the author tells us:

this virtual hug is meant to help raise funds for meagan’s walk which raises funds to fight paediatric brain tumours. meagan’s walk was started by denise bebenek after her 5 year old daughter meagan died of a brain tumour 6 years ago. every year on mother’s day, denise leads thousands of people to hug sickkids where meagan had received such excellent care. this virtual hug remembers her love of laughter and of hugs. if it makes you smile, i hope you will consider sharing this virtual hug with the readers of your fine blog.
any friend of avery's is a friend of ours!


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