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Thursday, April 26, 2007

dykes over dc

as this space reported, the inestimatable cap'n dyke went to congress as part of the house committee on education and labor investigation on equal pay. cap'n dyke writes us:

darlin' skippy, first off, it be me fine partner, dee farmer, who testified in front o' th'house committee on education an' labor (i was a mere, but fine bodyguard; although i am also a member of the walmart gender discrimination class action lawsuit).

we've never said anything before to anyone because it was still on its way to be declared a class action. now that it has been declared so and the first of wally's many appeals have been denied, its not a problem to talk about it to the degree that it is involved with our humble selves.

i can tell you that the democratic reps that were attending the hearing were very impressed with what was said and even took us back into their chambers to direct us to wherever we wanted to go on the capitol grounds and to give further congratulations for the testimoney.

first link is to th'committee website: http://edworkforce.house.gov/committee/schedule.shtml

second, go to the archived webcast under tuesday, april 24, 2007. th'hearin' was entitled "strengthening the middle class: ensuring equal pay for women". dee farmer is me lovely spouse an' she will be speaking in the second panel of that webcast. pay close attention to what the democrats say versus the rebubs. it wasn't surprising who supported the measure and the bill that will be soon introduced to help equal pay for equal work for women.

take from it what ye will an' i'll be postin' th'behind th'scenes events asap.

thanks, by the way!

love ye, me roo

th' cap'n
aye, me cap'n, raise the masts and full speed ahead!

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