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Saturday, April 14, 2007

calling all chocoholics!

it's chocolate war! let the battle to keep quality ingredients begin!
...put down the truffles and power up the pc. it's time to weigh in on a fundamental question: what is chocolate?

two of california's oldest confectioners, see's candies inc. and guittard chocolate co., are battling an attempt to loosen government rules that dictate what ingredients go into the sweet stuff.

legally, the candy that melts hearts and comforts the brokenhearted is made with cocoa butter and, in the case of milk chocolate, whole milk. but the grocery manufacturers of america, a trade group, wants to let confectioners substitute cheaper ingredients — vegetable oils and milk protein concentrates.

...guittard and see's chief executive brad kinstler want america's chocoholics to complain loudly to the food and drug administration before april 25, the day the agency will stop taking public comments on the issue. -
latte times
we should stand by the courage of our "confections".

go to
dontmesswithourchocolate.com and let's help fight the good, delicious fight.

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egads! Is nothing sacred to aWol's junta?
commented by Anonymous george, 9:11 AM PDT  
i thought i was going to burst into tears ... but then i was just too damned mad so followed the links through and, using some of the suggested language provided (in quotation marks and attributed as one always should) and some of my own language, made my feelings known to the fda via their website (link provided through link at bottom of the post) and have it printed and ready for the mailman on monday so the fda knows i'm serious! willing to spend thirty-six cents to prove it!

is there NO sanity left in the world? did no one learn ANYTHING after "new coke"? WTF???!!??!!??!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:36 PM PDT  
Uh -- that's 39 cents.

I wrote an e-mail suggesting that if anyone wants to change the formula, they should call their crap something *else*, and leave chocolate alone.
commented by Blogger Scorpio, 2:04 PM PDT  
Thank you for this important public service announcement! I have written and forwarded the link to this post to my blogger friends at CCN.

Leave our chocolate alone!!!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:41 PM PDT  

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