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Saturday, April 28, 2007

ask any tuna you happen to see...

what's the best label??...."dolphin parts free!" (sorry, charlie)

and the 9th u.s. circuit court of appeals agrees.
the u.s. government has arbitrarily and capriciously sought to ease rules for foreign fisherman on "dolphin-safe" tuna, a u.s. federal appeals court ruled on friday in upholding current standards.

...the u.s. secretary of commerce has backed the rule change, but the 9th circuit, reaffirming its 2001 ruling on the issue, said the u.s. effort was not based on proper scientific analysis on the impact to dolphins and was politically influenced. In the ruling, the court deemed the secretary's findings "arbitrary and capricious."

"this evidence shows that the agency's decision-making process, which was devised to conduct a scientific analysis of the fishery's effect on dolphins, was influenced to at least some degree by foreign policy considerations rather than science alone," chief judge mary schroeder wrote for a three-judge panel. - ap

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Let us never forget that the right WRONG Reverend Sun Myung Moon owns over two-thirds of the US Fishing Industry, and a huge share of Fishing interests world-wide.

Keeping that salient point in mind, there is no secret as to who was pushing the, "There's just a little Dolphin in it," POV.

Three cheers to the 9th Circuit Court for this ruling.

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