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Monday, April 30, 2007

too much is not enough

not enough michael berube, that is. he's guesting over at pandagon.

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say hello

to big swinging blog.


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we control the horizontal...we control the vertical...we control the democratic party

via fdl (whom he mentions by name), we find out that we ourselves are in control of the entire democratic party...if you listen to sean hannity:

while we don't agree w/jane's posting of joe lieberman in blackface (see our scaredy-cat rendition of rush limbaugh in white face), we laughed ourselves silly to hear sean connect jane's photoshop skills, george soros, don imus and all lefty blogs. apparently, we have so much power that even democratic voters can't overcome our influence.

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skippy's monday nite music club

josh groban - remember - from the soundtrack to troy


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is that a banana in your pocket or are you just filled with the holy spirit?

arlen of the daily background, who sent us evidence that peanut butter was proof that there is no evolution, has found another youtube evangelical bonanza; and, it's a twofer:

not only does the minister attempt to use a banana's shape to "prove" that there is a god, you also get to see the star of growing pains, kirk cameron, looks on admiringly.

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rush fools in where angels fear to tread

helium sends us their overview of limbaugh's current "barack the magic negro" hoo-ha.

the same day a video was created for the song by a web site called political party poop, which is critical of black activists. (one of the page's categories collects what it says are "negro scams.")

http://politicalpartypoop.com/2007/04/25/the-magic-n egro-revisited/

the song and video went largely unnoticed for a month. during this time don imus, another radio commentator, was fired after a public outcry over a racially-charged comment. (imus used the words "nappy-headed hos" to describe black women on the rutgers basketball team.) on april 24 the weblog for an online cartoon asked a seemingly simple question: why don imus was fired for his three-word comment, while limbaugh remained on the air for his song parody?


as the discussion gerw, it drew an observation from msnbc on the weblog for their show countdown with keith olberman. "rush's defense of course, will be that it was the la times that started the whole 'magic negro' meme in respect to obama...so rush can hardly be blamed for so enthusiastically running with this when he's clearly holding a 'be a racist for free' card."


limbaugh has been accused of racism before. he was fired from providing football commentary on espn after only his first appearance, when he said philadelphia eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb was propped up because "the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well." and just 11 days ago, media matters flagged a limbaugh comment for echoing racial stereotypes. (limbaugh said the black contestants on survivor would be at a disadvantage when they got to the swimming competition.)


public reaction is still growing, but limbaugh could face the same intense reaction that led to calls for don imus's firing. it also presents both a risk and an opportunity for barack obama, who has pledged to run a positive campaign, but has also been recognized as a highly effective and persuasive speaker.

whether by design or by accident, this could ultimately become a defining moment on the road to the 2008 presidential elections.
remember, here's a partial list of limbaugh's advertisers w/contact info, for you to use to ask them why they sponsor obvious racism. be polite, yet firm!

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cal dems have an impeachy idea

the progressive democrats of america tell us that the grassroots of the cal dem party definitely do not want to take impeachment off the table:

sparked by an insurgency among delegates, the california democratic party has taken an historic step forward on the issue of impeachment. in a resolution affirmed by the full state party convention sunday, the democrats called on the u.s. congress to use its subpoena power to investigate misdeeds of president bush and vice president cheney – and to hold the administration accountable “with appropriate remedies and punishment, including impeachment.” the delegate insurgency was coordinated by progressive democrats of america and its allies.

while speaker pelosi had declared impeachment “off the table,” the democratic party rank-and-file has demonstrated its commitment to putting the issue “on” the table. and it’s no longer just the rank-and-file: even among the members of the convention’s resolutions committee (appointed by the california party chair), the impeachment resolution was the top vote-getter (tied with one other resolution).

coming on the heels of mass actions and resolutions across the country in support of impeachment, and congressman dennis kucinich’s introduction of articles of impeachment against cheney, this action by the powerful california democratic party builds on the pro-impeachment momentum.
we'll keep our fingers crossed.

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beyond the fringe

drug war rant thinks that it's progress of some kind that three presidential candidates (gravel, kucinich and richardson...whom drug war rant labels as "fringe" candidates) are speaking out against the drug war on the campaign trail.

and while you're over at drug war rant, read the sad story of kathryn johnson, the 90-year old woman killed by atlanta pd in a botched (and incorrect) no-knock drug raid.

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say hello

to arizona eclectic.


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Sunday, April 29, 2007

mad about mother's day limerick contests (w/prizes!)

mad kane, that is!

and she's running another limerick contest, this time for mother's day!

so here’s my challenge: write a limerick related to the subject of mothers and post it here in a comment to this post no later than saturday, may 12, 2007. i’ll announce the winners on mother’s day, may 13, 2007.

the first prize will be $25. the second prize will be $10. both prizes will be paid via paypal.

so, what exactly is a limerick? it’s a five line poem with an aabba rhyme scheme and a very specific meter exemplified by these winning entries. (for more information about limericks check out these fine sites: encyclospeedia oedilfica and oedilf.)
we love the aabba rhyme scheme, especially in the winner takes it all:


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melamine...not just for puppies and kitties anymore

go read this post up at goldy's....the person who blew the lid on michael "you're doing a heck of a job brownie" brown's job qualifications for fema by being involved in arabian horse shows.
through the salvaging practice, melamine-tainted pet food has likely contaminated america’s livestock for as long as it has been killing and sickening america’s pets — as far back as august of 2006, or even earlier. and while it may seem alarmist to suggest without absolute proof that americans have been eating melamine-tainted pork, chicken and farm-raised fish for the better part of a year, the fda and usda seem to be preparing to brace americans for the worst. in an unusual, saturday afternoon joint press release, the regulators tasked with protecting the safety of our nation’s food supply go to convoluted lengths to reassure the public that eating melamine-tainted pork is perfectly safe.

and it gets worse. tomorrow the new york times will report from china, detailing how nitrogen-rich melamine scrap, produced from coal, is routinely ground into powder and mixed into low-grade wheat, corn, soybean or other proteins to inflate the protein analysis of animal feed.

then get mad. put your zipcode in the little box, click "go" and contact your elected officials.

time to get busy.

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trick question

sfchron asks "who's right in the iraq war funding dispute?" the answer won't surprise you.

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muir would

readers of this space remember when we cited jon swift, who puzzled over "day by day" creator chris muir's use of hillary in black face.

you'll recall that he mused what "peanuts" would be like if muir were the artist:

if chris muir drew charles schulz's peanuts, for example, he wouldn't have bothered drawing a panel showing lucy pulling the football away at the last minute when charlie brown tries to kick it. that would be too old school for him. instead, muir would just have lucy say, "democrats always pull the football away at the last minute when you are trying to kick it, charlie brown." lucy and charlie brown would also probably be in their underwear.
at the end of mr. swift's post, he issued a challenge to blogtopia, and yes, we coined that phrase:

update: talkaboutcomics responds (to a suggestion by reinder dijkhuis) with "jon swift has a drawing assignment for you!": "i’m sure there are some of you who can, er, take this ball and run with it. and it doesn’t have to be peanuts, of course: for better or for worse “drawn” chris muir-style? calvin and hobbes? fetus-x? show us how chris muir would do your favourite newspaper, comic book or web comic!"
we took up that challenge. but, alas, we failed. can you spot our mistake?


yes, you are correct. we accidentally put in a real joke.

[ed. note: we had to re-work the dialogue balloons with a new, sort-of self-invented font. appropriately enough it was bitch, phd who complained that our original comic was hard to read.]

addendum: shaenon jumps on the "why day by day sucks" bandwagon:

i'm not saying that white cartoonists shouldn't draw minority characters; on the contrary, i'd like to see more diversity in comics, and it gets boring drawing white people all the time. but using a black character specifically to advance political views with which most black people not currently serving as secretary of state violently disagree seems...i dunno, a little disingenuous. in fact, i find it faintly ironic that muir would accuse clinton of donning political blackface, when the main character in his strip is essentially a blackface version of chris muir.

between this strip and scott stantis' prickly city, i think there are now more black republicans in conservative comics than there are in the actual republican party.

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skippy's sunday nite music club

tanya goodman sykes - that old time religion

and on the seventh day god surfed youtube


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three words that came to mind

while watching this arrogant human piece of spineless guano.


(give back the medal, george. and while you're at it, donate all the millions you're getting from this book you're peddling to the families of those who perished in iraq.)


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fascist america

in ten easy steps . naomi wolf holds up the mirror.
  1. invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
  2. create a gulag
  3. develop a thug caste
  4. set up an internal surveillance system
  5. harass citizens' groups
  6. engage in arbitrary detention and release
  7. target key individuals
  8. control the press
  9. dissent equals treason
  10. suspend the rule of law


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criminally incompetent

criminally negligent. criminally responsible for murder. this isn't a government....it's organized crime.
most katrina aid from overseas went unclaimed

crew provided thousands of pages of documents to the washington post that revealed how the federal government failed to take advantage of offers of assistance from foreign nations after hurricane katrina. the documents can be found on our website here. the united states government didn't collect most of the $854 million offered:

the struggle to apply foreign aid in the aftermath of the hurricane, which has cost u.s. taxpayers more than $125 billion so far, is another reminder of the federal government's difficulty leading the recovery. reports of government waste and delays or denials of assistance have surfaced repeatedly since hurricanes katrina and rita struck in 2005.

administration officials acknowledged in february 2006 that they were ill prepared to coordinate and distribute foreign aid and that only about half the $126 million received had been put to use. now, 20 months after katrina, newly released documents and interviews make clear the magnitude of the troubles. - crew

...and while television sets worldwide showed images of new orleans residents begging to be rescued from rooftops as floodwaters rose, u.s. officials turned down countless offers of allied troops and search-and-rescue teams. the most common responses: "sent letter of thanks" and "will keep offer on hand," the new documents show.- wapo

oh, and how's that plan to rebuild new orleans going, karl? or are you just too busy being k.fed(eral prisoner)

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selling off america

bridge by bridge...road by road.
in the past year, banks and private investment firms have fallen in love with public infrastructure. they're smitten by the rich cash flows that roads, bridges, airports, parking garages, and shipping ports generate—and the monopolistic advantages that keep those cash flows as steady as a beating heart. firms are so enamored, in fact, that they're beginning to consider infrastructure a brand new asset class in itself.

with state and local leaders scrambling for cash to solve short-term fiscal problems, the conditions are ripe for an unprecedented burst of buying and selling. all told, some $100 billion worth of public property could change hands in the next two years, up from less than $7 billion over the past two years; a lease for the pennsylvania turnpike could go for more than $30 billion all by itself. "there's a lot of value trapped in these assets," says mark florian, head of north american infrastructure banking at goldman, sachs & co. - business week
wonder if they've lost interest today in the bay bridge, though.

(tip o'the kangaroo tail to
crooks & liars)


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rush to judgement

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
yes, we are too afraid to put him in blackface

john amato at c&l is reporting that black employees of radio stations are pretty p.o.'d about limbaugh's "barack the magic negro" parody:

updated: rush limbaugh has angered many black employees over this parody song called "barack the magic negro" this isn't the first or the last time that limbaugh will go after obama's race...

i've been told that they have held meetings internally to deal with a ground swell of anger at rush because of this.

update: i've anonymously confirmed that stations around the country who carry the show are having concerns expressed by listeners and even their own workers of color about the obama parody, and the ensuing controversy in the media, and that respective managements are considering ways to address the matter with as little imus-like backlash as possible,..this is starting to boil over…
we hope it is starting to boil over. and you can help it along.

via antirepublican at the unfiltered news network forum (hat tip malmo blue commenting at c&l), here's a list of links to some of limbaugh's advertisers:

of course, the last one, premiere radio network, is actually rush's syndicator (don't mention that skippy used to work there in the 90's when you call!)

and, on prn online, a parody site of premiere (hat tip to wess commenting at c&l), here's a list of phone numbers of "some" of rush's advertisers:

autozone (901) 495-6500
bose wave radio 508-766-7781
mission pharmacal(makers of citracal) (800) 531-3333
general steel metal buildings 1-888-98-steel
hotwire discount travel 415-343-8444
lending tree (704) 541-5351
life quotes 1-800-670-5433
red lobster (407) 245-6546
select comfort 763-551-7460
mission pharmacal(makers of thera-gesic) (800) 531-3333
overstock.com (801) 947-3100
remember, when calling, be polite and focused. ask the advertisers why they choose to continue to support someone who is patently racist. inform them you will no longer/never buy their products/services, and you will actively work to spread the word that they support racism on a national level.

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she's with the banned

markos has banned msoc.

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where eagles stare

take a look, thanks to the harbor islands eagle cams, at a nest of eaglets w/their momma (the santa cruz island nest is particularly enjoyable).

brought to you by the catalina island bald eagle restoration project conducted by the institute for wildlife studies (iws).

(tip of the kangaroo tail to mrs. skippy who found the url!)

addendum: can't get enough eaglecam? on the iws forums page, here's a list of links of eagle, bird & wildlife cams available on the web!

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ceci n'est pas

une femme


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let's refresh powerlines's memory

they can't rack their brains for anyone in this administration imbroiled in a scandal.

tpm muckracker
is making a list...checking it twice...and updating often. keep checking in.

indicted/convicted/pled guilty

scooter libby
lester crawford

brian doyle
claude allen
david safavian
larry franklin

roger stillwell
frank figueroa
darleen druyun
john korsmo
p. trey sunderland III

resigned due to/pending/after investigation

carl truscott
joseph schmitz
steven griles
susan ralston
dusty foggo
janet rehnquist
ken tomlinson
george deutsch
richard perle
james roche
marvin sambur
philip cooney
thomas scully
michelle larson korsmo
david smith
sean tunis

nomination failed due to scandal

bernard kerik
timothy flanigan
linda chavez

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notes from the freeway blogger

the freeway blogger, after stopping by los angeles to put up some signs (and have some coffee with skippy and maryscott o'connor), gathered some pics sent by volunteers from all over the country to celebrate a28.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

happy blogiversary*

happy second blogiversary to carrie's bar and grill! keep up the good work, carrie!

*yes, talkleft coined that phrase!


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skippy's saturday nite music club

the clash - safe european home

this is live at the 83 us festival, which skippy attended. it was a great concert the clash were especially on fire.


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maybe general odom reads skippy?

retired general says bush "seems to have gone awol on iraq"

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i don't think jesus would do this

delete evidence during an ongoing investigation.

guess monica "i'll take the 5th" goodling didn't get that memo...but she sent out this one....after congressional investigation began.

"these are new and updated usa documents to be used with media and friendlies. please delete prior versions."

the anonymous liberal points out:
it is in this context that monica goodling, four days later, sends out the above- displayed email, which attaches updated talking points re: griffin/cummins and various other u.s. attorney related issues and instructs the recipients to delete prior versions of the documents.

as a litigator, i can tell you, that's a real no-no. you never instruct people to delete documents that are relevant to a pending investigation. never. that's true even when the investigating body hasn't yet got around to requesting those documents. it smacks of obstruction. indeed, the obstruction of congress statute, 18 u.s.c § 1505, specifically prohibits any attempts to obstruct "the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation is being had by either house, or any committee of either house or any joint committee of the congress." the penalty is up to 5 years in prison.

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speaking of doctors....

you might need to call one if you have eaten some california seafood.

citing concerns over the domoic acid poisoning that has already sickened hundreds of birds, state health regulators on friday urged people not to eat certain types of seafood — including shellfish and sardines — caught by recreational fishermen off most of the southern california coast. the warning also covers the organs of commercially sold lobster and crabs as well as those caught by recreational anglers.

...tom raftican, president of united anglers of southern california, was not surprised to learn of the quarantine. but he was concerned for the health of anyone consuming seafood containing the toxin.

"we see sea lions washed up on the beach from the domoic acid poisoning," he said. "it's hard to escape the consequences when you see large mammals like that in a state of such illness.

"we're also concerned for the health of our ocean," he added. "these are forage fish. they are key to the health of the whole ecosystem. If you take out an important piece of the food chain, it will affect the other parts." - latte times

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is there a doctor in the house?

effect measure informs us that aWol’s godson, william steiger, who has no medical or scientific training, is the republican apparatchik at the dhh. he reviews overseas postings of doctors and scientists from the cdc. these are the folks who respond to epidemics over there so we won’t have to over here. why does the cdc need the approval of dhh appointee with a phd in latin american studies to send doctors and scientists abroad?

steiger, in a written statement wednesday night, said his office only takes one month to approve overseas positions and that reviews are "necessary because these posts need to be strategic and align with both the department and the president's goals and priorities."
you know, even for republicans, this might be overkill. it's not like viruses can vote.


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to sleep, perchance to dream- ay, there's the rub

bush official resigns over escort links

by anne gearan ap diplomatic writer

washington apr 28, 2007 (ap)— randall tobias, head of the bush administration's foreign aid programs, abruptly resigned friday after his name surfaced in an investigation into a high-priced call-girl ring, said two people in a position to know the circumstances of his departure. […]

abc reported on its web site late friday that tobias confirmed that he had called the pamela martin and associates escort service to have women come to his condo and give him massages. more recently, tobias told the network, he has been using a service with central american women.

tobias, 65, who is married, told abc news there had been "no sex" during the women's visits to his condo. his name was on a list of clients given to abc by deborah jeane palfrey, who owns the escort service and has been charged with running a prostitution ring in the nation's capita

in his defense, mr. tobias’ reliance on hand jobs, appears to be consistent with his efforts to deny the efficy of condoms in safe sex.

a former ceo of eli lilly, the pharmaceuticals group, and with little background in public health, mr tobias spearheaded the administration’s sometimes controversial anti-aids campaign that has been criticised for overemphasising abstinence and fidelity, rather than condoms. while at eli lilly, mr tobias lobbied for stronger intellectual property rights to protect expensive drugs.

you know, when clinton lied about sex, it didn't affect u.s. aids policy or healthcare costs. oh for a simpler time.
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sunshine almost always makes me high

vitamin d casts cancer prevention in new light

martin mittelstaedt
from saturday's globe and mail
april 28, 2007 at 1:20 am edt

those trying to brand contaminants as the key factor behind cancer in the west are "looking for a bogeyman that doesn't exist," argues reinhold vieth, professor at the department of nutritional sciences at the university of toronto and one of the world's top vitamin d experts. instead, he says, the critical factor "is more likely a lack of vitamin d."

what's more, researchers are linking low vitamin d status to a host of other serious ailments, including multiple sclerosis, juvenile diabetes, influenza, osteoporosis and bone fractures among the elderly. […]

a four-year clinical trial involving 1,200 women found those taking the vitamin had about a 60-per-cent reduction in cancer incidence, compared with those who didn't take it, a drop so large — twice the impact on cancer attributed to smoking — it almost looks like a typographical error.
your mother was right. go outside and play.

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republican mendacity - it's hardly news

condom information in abstinence programs called inaccurate

by christopher lee
washington post staff writer
saturday, april 28, 2007; page a10

each of these assertions turns up in federally funded abstinence-only sex education programs: condoms fail to prevent hiv infection 31 percent of the time during heterosexual sex. the chances of getting pregnant while using a condom are 1 in 6. and condoms break or slip off nearly 15 percent of the time.

and each of them is wrong, says john s. santelli, a pediatrician and a professor at columbia university's mailman school of public health. [….]

"they have been alerted numerous times, and they haven't done anything," said ava barbour, an aclu staff attorney.

leanna benn, national director of teen-aid inc., a nonprofit group in spokane, wash., which developed some of the abstinence materials, said 25 physicians had reviewed them for accuracy. ‘[…]

we have to ask, 'what is the motive, and why the press over something that's old news?' "
ms. benn appears to be invoking the, "but we always tell this lie" defense. we’d prefer it if the government left the condom jokes to the professionals.


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ask any tuna you happen to see...

what's the best label??...."dolphin parts free!" (sorry, charlie)

and the 9th u.s. circuit court of appeals agrees.
the u.s. government has arbitrarily and capriciously sought to ease rules for foreign fisherman on "dolphin-safe" tuna, a u.s. federal appeals court ruled on friday in upholding current standards.

...the u.s. secretary of commerce has backed the rule change, but the 9th circuit, reaffirming its 2001 ruling on the issue, said the u.s. effort was not based on proper scientific analysis on the impact to dolphins and was politically influenced. In the ruling, the court deemed the secretary's findings "arbitrary and capricious."

"this evidence shows that the agency's decision-making process, which was devised to conduct a scientific analysis of the fishery's effect on dolphins, was influenced to at least some degree by foreign policy considerations rather than science alone," chief judge mary schroeder wrote for a three-judge panel. - ap

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Friday, April 27, 2007

thanks for the traffic

we are so popular, we're even given as alternatives in failed google searches.

but it makes us wonder, what kind of site was the searcher looking for to begin with?


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skippy's friday nite music club

crystal method - trip like me

from the spawn soundtrack...not the worst comic book movie ever made.

but on that subject, which is the worst comic book movie ever made? in our opinions, hulk just barely beats out fantastic four (thanks to michael chiklis' great rendition of ben grimm in the latter...and no thanks to nick nolte's unfocused tirade as bruce banner's dad in the former.

consider this an open thread.

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hug an ant today

readers of this space may remember the rants of avery ant, which we featured on a semi-regular basis.

the author of those rants (yes, avery had a ghost writer...probably an aphid...) has donated his talents to megan's walk, by writing this virtual card: the elevator hug. the author tells us:

this virtual hug is meant to help raise funds for meagan’s walk which raises funds to fight paediatric brain tumours. meagan’s walk was started by denise bebenek after her 5 year old daughter meagan died of a brain tumour 6 years ago. every year on mother’s day, denise leads thousands of people to hug sickkids where meagan had received such excellent care. this virtual hug remembers her love of laughter and of hugs. if it makes you smile, i hope you will consider sharing this virtual hug with the readers of your fine blog.
any friend of avery's is a friend of ours!


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ward of the earth, prisoner of the sun...

chapter two.

that didn't take long. jesus, if i keep this up, people might start believing i know how to write...
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impeachy weekend

we received this email from http://www.a28.org/:

tens of thousands of ordinary americans from miami, florida to north pole, alaska will take to the streets on april 28 to call for the impeachment of president bush and vice-president cheney. this marks the beginning of impeachment summer, an intensification of grassroots pressure on congress to impeach, and it comes on the heels of the introduction by congressman dennis kucinich of impeachment articles against dick cheney.
please let me know if you would be available to discuss this further.
best regards, jacob park a28 national coordinator 917-254-9330
april 27, 2007
for immediate release

what: coordinated pro-impeachment events in 125+ locations nationwide.

when: saturday, april 28. time varies according to location.

where: across the country (check http://www.a28.org/for details). highlights include:

  • miami: an impeachment rally to greet george bush, who will be delivering the commencement address at miami dade college.

  • san francisco: 2,000 people will form a "human mural" at ocean beach to spell out "impeach!" with their bodies, followed by a march to nancy pelosi's house for an impeachment rally.

  • san diego: introduction of an impeachment resolution at the california democratic convention. additional protests both inside and outside the convention. a "human mural" on the beach.

  • new york: a "human mural" at coney island organized by military mothers with sons who served in iraq. an impeachment festival in central park. a former paratrooper will fly a banner saying "impeach!" around the city. impeachment "laser graffiti" in brooklyn.

  • washington, d.c.: a "human mural" and impeachment potluck picnic at the foot of the washington monument.

  • a fleet of "impeachplanes" will tow impeachment banners over seven locations: new york city, los angeles, trenton, atlanta, st. petersburg, the new orleans jazzfest, and the coachella music festival.

  • boston: a rally at faneuil hall with a town crier reading out articles of impeachment.

  • iowa: an impeachment portrait caravan: driving across the state taking photos of impeachment supporters.

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we [insert symbol of target] huckabees

in a move sure to endear his father to the publican base, david huckabee was arrested for packing heat at an airport. asspress:

david huckabee, a son of republican presidential candidate mike huckabee, was arrested at an arkansas airport thursday after a federal x-ray technician detected a loaded glock pistol in his carry-on luggage.

i removed the bag and asked mr. huckabee if he knew what he had in the bag," little rock police officer arthur nugent wrote in a report after being summoned to a security checkpoint. "he replied he did now."

huckabee, 26, later pleaded guilty in little rock district court after being charged with a misdemeanor count of possessing a weapon in a prohibited place.

"it was a silly mistake," huckabee told reporters as he left the pulaski county jail. when asked whether it would affect his father's presidential campaign, huckabee responded, "it shouldn't."
it ought to get him votes!

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let them hear cake

tom tomorrow has an update on one of our fav bands, cake:

some news from my friend john mccrea:

...inspired by the passionate individuals who have continued to support and appreciate them over the years, the band is thrilled to give something back to their listeners with this exclusive compilation. cake’s john mccrea elaborates “we were all quite surprised how cohesively these songs fit together into one album, they seemed to just belong together.” mccrea continues “aesthetically, many of the songs hadn’t quite worked on previous albums and for years they lacked proper homes. now they all have a home. it is good to have a home”. cake’s vince difiore adds, “these songs were recorded at times when we wanted to extend our idea of what the band could do stylistically. it was good to see that the recordings worked as a collection, and i’m glad we can offer it to listeners.” songs on the album were originally sung by legendary singers such as frank sinatra, barry white, buck owens, george jones, ozzy osborne, and kenny rogers. the band has used these songs to find new creative elements within themselves, producing eloquently accomplished tracks that simultaneously maintain the band’s own unique stamp.

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say hello

to the big eye.


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tbd strikes again!

can it be...happy furry puppy story time with norbizness...coming down with ted barlow disease???

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

master debaters still

we missed the debate tonight (skippy was busy taking mrs. skippy to ballroom dancing lessons...there will be other debates; there is only one mrs. skippy).

luckily others in blogtopia and yes, we coined that phrase, happened to watch:

crooks&liars has obama v. kucinich v. gravel on the subject of iran;

booman has this open debate thread;

mydd has this open thread, and this one, and this post-debate thread;

here's pam's house blend's open thread;

the moderate voice found it unexciting;

digby points out that the majority of the moderators on msnbc were republicans tut-tutting the dems' policies;

and here's hillaryclinton.com's transcript of their liveblogging of the debate.

addendum: scarecrow at fdl chimes in:

the democratic presidential candidates held their first debate last night, and you can watch the video at msnbc. i later watched the msnbc crew show “highlights” and interview the candidates or their spokespeople. (obama’s guy was personable; wolfson came off, again, as arrogant and evasive — haven’t we had enough of that the last six years?) the initial reactions were subdued, trying to give credit to all the candidates, but by 10:30 p.m. (edt), the msnbc crew had unanimously concluded that hillary clinton did very well, coming off as “presidential,” and pat buchanan even compared her to ronald reagan, which i think he thought was a compliment! others did less well, according to this crew. i was surprised/relieved that hillary seemed less scripted than usual, and others more so, or just unprepared. here are media reactions from reuters, the new york times and the washington post’s chris cillizza. fdlers were live blogging on emptywheel’s thread last night.

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mamma and the mooks are going....


set your alarm clocks to catch them create chaos and havoc monday, tuesday and wednesday.
msnbc has selected the stephanie miller show to fill the former imus early morning program slot for three days next week... - alternative press
she better be packing those sound affects and the signature song of the rethugs. "lying sack of cr**" and have her usual kick butt celebrity guests on.

oh, stephaneeeeaaaahhhhh....we'll be battling over my future husband. but i don't know if i can get up at o'stupid o'clock to call in and razz you, jim, "mr. giggles" (and his kitty of doom)

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naughty nibbles

or when elephant seals go wild.
nibbles the elephant seal is defying his tame nickname by killing smaller seals, menacing a kayaker and chomping on a surfer and a dog on the northern california coast. - sydney morning herald
"he's not getting his desired response from the harbor seal females. they are running away from him. so he's not getting any social development. and elephant seals do combat play on land, whereas water zones are where harbor seals do it. so that's not working out for him, either."

wildlife officials have several intervention options should the elephant seal -- nicknamed two years ago after he bit a kayaker -- linger much longer on his own - sfgate

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if you missed it last night

you need to watch it here. and go read a blog you need to have on your blogroll.


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skippy's thursday nite music club

bee gees - staying alive


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something completely different...

i haven't been blogging much 'round here lately. perhaps some of you think that's a good thing. you may just be right, i dunno -- given what i think about the sick culture i live in; the inanity of politicians campaigning for an election that is still nineteen months away; my acute case of liberal outrage fatigue in the face of one awol administration scandal after another that, had bill clinton been this mendacious, would have ushered in the guillotine as an appropriate method of execution; a deep suspicion of the technology known as youtube that i have unwillingly developed; and that skippy and i disagree about american idol (though, thank goodness, neither of us have any use for phil spector, if for radically different reasons), me shutting up for a while seems pretty sensible.

so i've turned my blogging attention elsewhere. there's this fictional story, novel, novella, oh hell if i know exactly what it is, that i've been tinkering with off and on for several years. this slippery, shapeshifting mother is titled "ward of the earth, prisoner of the sun." i've finally dried my hands down enough to try and get a grip on it, since i'm close to fed up with everything else. chapter one is rather short. but for the first time, i've settled on a chapter one variation that i think suits this story.

i think i want to be a writer when i grow up, but i don't really know. i'm only 36...
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master debaters

tune in to msnbc tonight for the first debate of the season.

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house by you?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

bondad over at the agonist tells us it's getting worse:

the news from the housing market continues to indicate a deteriorating situation. builders earnings are still dropping and their guidance is very bearish. tightening credit standards will decrease housing demand going forward. and sales of existing homes posted it's worst decrease in over 20 years yesterday

robert toll of toll brothers homes gave a presentation on tuesday where he made the following points:

in an unvarnished presentation monday at the prestigious michael milken global conference in beverly hills -- which is attended by 3,000 corporate leaders, money managers, and government officials from all 50 states and 50 foreign countries -- toll said the housing market currently looks dismal, with only a few hot pockets.

he was not confident it would turn around soon, with bargain hunters scooping up excess supply, because of the prevailing market psychology: "every buyer is afraid he might catch a falling knife."
credit standards are tightening, which will lower demand going forward:

stricter lending standards will reduce demand for housing by 10% this year from where it would have been had credit remained loose, estimates thomas lawler, a housing economist in vienna, va. he expects housing prices, as measured by the national s&p/case-shiller index, to fall 7% in the fourth quarter of 2007 from the year-earlier level.
and this is not good news for the housing market. existing home sales dropped the most in 15 years.

from cbsmarketwatch

sales of existing homes plunged 8.4% in march to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 6.12 million, the lowest in nearly four years, the national association of realtors reported tuesday. it was the largest percentage decline in sales since january 1989. economists were expecting sales to fall to 6.45 million. the median price of an existing home fell 0.3% year-over-year to $217,000. the inventory of unsold homes on the market fell 1.6% to 3.75 million, representing a 7.3-month supply. sales of condos were unchanged, while sales of single-family homes dropped 9.5%. sales fell in all four regions. "this number reflects subprime lending" as well as the cold weather in february, said david lereah, chief economist for the real estate group. end of story

we're afraid it really is "end of story."

as we pointed out in the comments section, here in california housing prices dropped 20% annually:

home sales in california fell an annual 20.8 percent during march in response to rising mortgage rates and tighter lending standards, a trade association said tuesday.

despite the sales slide, the median price of a previously owned house increased an annual 3.2 percent to $580,090, said the los angeles-based california association of realtors.

if the market matched march's pace all year, 427,110 properties would change hands, the association said.

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the mammy state

jon swift opines on the strange case that is chirs muir, who this time put hillary in blackface, because, well...we really don't know. we suppose he thinks it's a joke, but we only suppose that because he apprently thinks his strip, day by day, is funny.


any, mr. swift goes on:

today, his cartoon not only rubbed hillary clinton's face in burnt cork, it also showed her saying, in delightfully stereotypical minstrel dialogue, "lawdy, i's seen da promised land!" because muir's cartoon is regularly featured on a number of conservative blogs, the conservative blogosphere is now festooned with blackface by proxy. unfortunately, this has made a few conservative worrywarts a little nervous. "considering how we conservatives trashed jane ("you ignorant slut") hamsher for photoshopping lieberman in black face, shouldn't we police our own and give mr. muir a few well chosen jabs for his insensitivity?" asks rick moran of right wing nut house, who is very sensitive about seeming racist but not so worried about seeming sexist. ed morrissey at captain's quarters also wonders, "should chris muir get a pass?" i think the answer invariably will be yes. if anyone can handle blackface with the sophistication and thoughtfulness necessary to pull it off, it's chris muir.

day by day is sometimes called a conservative doonesbury but it is actually a lot more than that. like doonesbury muir often buries his punchlines, but he has gone doonesbury one better by making it rarely funny at all. by avoiding jokes altogether muir never distracts us from the very important points he's making. these points are reinforced by the images, which usually feature scantily clad characters standing around talking. muir has come under some criticism by conservative bloggers for being "too sexy," but by having his characters address serious issues in their underwear, what they say has far more impact than the pronouncements of doonesbury's fully clothed characters.

muir has not only stripped down his characters, he has also reduced the actual drawing he needs to do to the barest minimum, which gives him a lot more time to think about the intellectual points he is trying to make. as he admits in an interview, "i have templates of bodies, heads, expressions, etc. if you look at the cartoons closely, you may notice that, at this time, each character has about 5-6 head positions only." coincidentally, these 5 to 6 head positions correspond to the 5 or 6 political positions muir takes, which he relentlessly drums into his readers' heads.

if chris muir drew charles schulz's peanuts, for example, he wouldn't have bothered drawing a panel showing lucy pulling the football away at the last minute when charlie brown tries to kick it. that would be too old school for him. instead, muir would just have lucy say, "democrats always pull the football away at the last minute when you are trying to kick it, charlie brown." lucy and charlie brown would also probably be in their underwear.
we suppose charles jolson of little colored footballs finds it funny.

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another sign of the apocalypse

we keep agreeing w/andrew sullivan. via kevin drum:

al-qaeda in iraq....andrew sullivan makes the prosaic point this morning that we are "occupying a sovereign muslim country indefinitely, against the wishes of a clear majority of iraqis," a project with little chance of success and considerable chance of creating ever more problems as long as it continues. then he makes a followup argument that gets surprisingly little air time:

so we should leave. soon. let the shia and tribal leaders and the kurds confront al qaeda. it's about time they did. and they have as good a reason as we do and far better knowledge of the enemy and the terrain. until they own this war against islamist terror, it won't be won. and by continuing to stay, we postpone the day when they have to fight for their own country and their own religion — and win the war we cannot win for them.
does anyone really doubt this? putting aside questions about whether al-qaeda in iraq is really al-qaeda — or merely a new name for the most extreme fringe of a nationalist insurgency — surely the best way to crush them is to leave. they are unloved by practically everybody, they draw their strength mainly from our continuing presence, and iraqi security forces would likely decimate them if they were left to their own devices.
skippy was just saying this yesterday to maryscott o'connor and the freeway blogger at a coffee klatch at msoc's house. the reason the arab world hates us so much is that we are in their world all up in their faces. when the occupation ends, resentment of the u.s. will abate, and "al qaeda," or whoever they are, will not have the traction to recruit more suiciders.

give them back their country, they will stop trying to blow us up. it's so crazy, it just might work.

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monster mash up

our favorite

blondie and the doors - rapture riders


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two days until impeachment day

from worldcantwait.org impeach cheney day or check a28 for local actions

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dykes over dc

as this space reported, the inestimatable cap'n dyke went to congress as part of the house committee on education and labor investigation on equal pay. cap'n dyke writes us:

darlin' skippy, first off, it be me fine partner, dee farmer, who testified in front o' th'house committee on education an' labor (i was a mere, but fine bodyguard; although i am also a member of the walmart gender discrimination class action lawsuit).

we've never said anything before to anyone because it was still on its way to be declared a class action. now that it has been declared so and the first of wally's many appeals have been denied, its not a problem to talk about it to the degree that it is involved with our humble selves.

i can tell you that the democratic reps that were attending the hearing were very impressed with what was said and even took us back into their chambers to direct us to wherever we wanted to go on the capitol grounds and to give further congratulations for the testimoney.

first link is to th'committee website: http://edworkforce.house.gov/committee/schedule.shtml

second, go to the archived webcast under tuesday, april 24, 2007. th'hearin' was entitled "strengthening the middle class: ensuring equal pay for women". dee farmer is me lovely spouse an' she will be speaking in the second panel of that webcast. pay close attention to what the democrats say versus the rebubs. it wasn't surprising who supported the measure and the bill that will be soon introduced to help equal pay for equal work for women.

take from it what ye will an' i'll be postin' th'behind th'scenes events asap.

thanks, by the way!

love ye, me roo

th' cap'n
aye, me cap'n, raise the masts and full speed ahead!

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mad about awol's suffering

mad kane, that is!


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

but we're all guest workers in one sense

man eegee supports the new citizenship reform act introduced into congress, which would deny citizenship to children born in this country if their parents are not legal citizens or permanent resident aliens.

manny's caveat: the bill would have to be retroactive to about 1492.


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we like what you've done with the place

desi of mia culpa has turned into diane of greatscat!

nice new template, same great blogging!


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skippy's wednesday nite music club

ani difranco - millennium theater

live on the henry rollins show. her intro is particularly appropriate.


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avast ye mateys! prepare to board congress!

via myleftwing, cap'n dyke testified before congress this week.

no, we're not making this up:

blogger captain dyke (lesbianpiratequeen.wordpress.com), real name [redacted], testifies in washington today before the house committee on education and labor.

given the name "strengthening the middle class: ensuring equal pay for women," the hearing purports to address the tie-in with the gender discrimination class action against wal-mart.

[redacted] and her co-testifier, [redacted], were fired within hours of wal-mart management finding out they were participating in the gender discrimination class action suit against the "screw women... always" conglomerate.

[redacted] will be back-up to [redacted] and will testify only if [redacted] cannot appear, but she will be in dc in support of this issue.

my contact emailed and im'd [redacted] several times yesterday to make sure she wanted to come out as a blogger and connect her blog to the congressional testimony story. she has agreed to do so; nevertheless, we are taking the cautious route -- hence my redacting of her name as well as her fellow in testimony.

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craig's pissed

our friends at resident bush alerts us to this craig's list posting:

from an angry soldier

date: 2007-04-10, 1:00pm pdt

i'm having the worst damn week of my whole damn life so i'm going to write this while i'm pissed off enough to do it right.

i am sick of all this bullshit people are writing about the iraq war. i am abso-fucking-lutely sick to death of it. what the fuck do most of you know about it? you watch it on tv and read the commentaries in the newspaper or newsweek or whatever god damn yuppie news rag you subscribe to and think you're all such fucking experts that you can scream at each other like five year old about whether you're right or not. let me tell you something: unless you've been there, you don't know a god damn thing about it. it you haven't been shot at in that fucking hell hole, shut the fuck up!

how do i dare say this to you moronic war supporters who are "supporting our troops" and waving the flag and all that happy horse shit? i'll tell you why. i'm a marine and i served my tour in iraq. my husband, also a marine, served several. i left the service six months ago because i got pregnant while he was home on leave and three days ago i get a visit from two men in uniform who hand me a letter and tell me my husband died in that fucking festering sand-pit. he should have been home a month ago but they extended his tour and now he's coming home in a box.

you fuckers and that god-damn lying sack of shit they call a president are the reason my husband will never see his baby and my kid will never meet his dad.

and you know what the most fucked up thing about this iraq shit is? they don't want us there. they're not happy we came and they want us out now. we fucked up their lives even worse than they already were and they're pissed off. we didn't help them and we're not helping them now. that's what our soldiers are dying for.

oh while i'm good and worked up, the government doesn't even have the decency to help out the soldiers whos lives they ruined. if you really believe the military and the government had no idea the veterans' hospitals were so fucked up, you are a god-damn retard. they don't care about us. we're disposable. we're numbers on a page and they'd rather forget we exist so they don't have to be reminded about the families and lives they ruined while they're sipping their cocktails at another fund raiser dinner. if they were really concerned about supporting the troops, they'd bring them home so their families wouldn't have to cry at a graveside and explain to their children why mommy or daddy isn't coming home. because you can't explain it. we're not fighting for our country, we're not fighting for the good of iraq's people, we're fighting for bush's personal agenda. patriotism my ass. you know what? my dad served in vietnam and nothing has changed.

so i'm pissed. i'm beyond pissed. and i'm going to go to my husband funeral and recieve that flag and hang it up on the wall for my baby to see when he's older. but i'm not going to tell him that his father died for the stupidty of the american government. i'm going to tell him that his father was a hero and the best man i ever met and that he loved his country enough to die for it, because that's all true and nothing will be solved by telling my son that his father was sent to die by people who didn't care about him at all.

fuck you, war supporters, george w. bush, and all the god damn mother fuckers who made the war possible. i hope you burn in hell.

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impeachy month of may

ramsey clark sent us an email:

the impeachment movement in new england and new york is joining with the anti-war movement in two very important mass demonstrations under the theme “end the war, impeach bush now.”

the first demonstration will bring together thousands of people from new england and new york on may 23 when bush is scheduled to give a major address at the coast guard academy in new london, conn. buses and car caravans are coming to new london from hartford and new haven, ct; portland, maine; boston; plymouth, new hampshire; cape cod, new paltz, ny; new york city and elsewhere.
the second demonstration will take three days later when dick cheney gives the commencement address to west point’s graduating ceremony.

the national and international media will be in new london on may 23 and at west point on may 26. we will make sure that the media cannot miss the presence of the growing impeachment movement. we are printing impeachment leaflets, placards, signs, stickers and those giant, beautiful yellow and black laminated banners that say “guilty of war crimes impeachbush.org. if you can help us pay for the costs of printing or help subsidize bus ticket and transportation costs to the new london demonstration you can do so by clicking this link.

impeachbush.org is taking out newspaper ads in new england newspapers to spread the word about the demonstration and to encourage more people to join the impeachment movement in these critical coming months.

the newspaper ads are extremely effective in getting the impeachbush message out to the rest of the population. we have placed ads in large, medium size and small town newspapers. we can place these ads only because of the generous donations of people who know that the impeachment of bush is critical to the future direction of the country. click this link to make a contribution for the new england newspaper ad campaign.

how many newspaper ads we can place will depend on the generosity and commitment of you and others in the impeachbush.org movement. please make a donation today on-line by clicking this link. if you would like to learn how to send a check by mail, click this link.

we have attached a pdf copy of the may 23 leaflet. please help us spread the word. our plan is to make sure that wherever bush and cheney appear in public the impeachbush movement will be at their heels. we can’t wait for the politicians and the mass media to do the right thing. they have been too timid or often complicit with the criminal conduct of bush and cheney. the impeachment movement is spreading like wildfire from the bottom up. it is a classic example of grassroots democracy in action. we look forward to your continuing support.
the former attorney general is a vanguard behind votetoimpeach.org.

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golden gateway blogger

the freeway blogger finds ptcruiser in the bay area who loves to "recycle cardboard."

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political science

news of escalating violence between hezbollah and israel have made me re-examine my own standing on the concept of being "pro-israel".

as you would expect with a subject this serious, i've chosen to label my posts with song titles.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

hey wait a minute...

bush said these guys were evil and he wasn't going to "talk" to them.
the united states has quietly increased its back-channel diplomatic contacts with iran in recent months, a sign that those who favor engagement with tehran have strengthened their hand in the bush administration, according to u.s. officials.

using switzerland as an intermediary, american and iranian officials have exchanged diplomatic messages on a variety of nuts-and-bolts subjects, including the fate of a u.s. citizen missing in iran, the future of five iranian operatives whom american forces seized in iraq, and old financial and property disputes. - mcclatchy


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and these mofo's

are in charge of "homeland security?"
security practices at the white house are dangerously inadequate say current and former employees of the security office there, according to a letter sent today from the house oversight committee to former white house chief of staff andrew card, asking that he cooperate with the committee's investigation into the alleged security lapses. - the blotter
new mexico police got more than they bargained for last fall when they responded to a call about a domestic dispute in a trailer park near los alamos national laboratory. not only had they stumbled on paraphernalia for making the drug crystal meth; they also found thousands of pages of highly classified documents detailing the designs of u.s. nuclear weapons. - time.com
sensitive irs financial data for millions of taxpayers could be jeopardized because some of the tax agency's employees are using unauthorized wireless technology, a new government audit warns.

released as the annual tax filing deadline neared, the audit found that an unauthorized wireless router had been connected to a desktop computer at the irs criminal investigation office in denver. it also reported "strong indications" that three unauthorized wireless devices had been used at other irs facilities. - ustoady

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whoooo hoooooo!

the "secret holder" on senate campaign disclosure parity act, s. 223....

the reform measure, sponsored by senators russell feingold, democrat of wisconsin, and thad cochran, republican of mississippi, was suddenly stopped on the way to passage by the g.o.p. floor manager acting in behalf of some unidentified colleague. senator dianne feinstein, the democrat of california who shepherded the bill through earlier committee gates with unanimous approval, was mystified as she wondered aloud about “somebody in this body” up to an old trick. it is time for someone — senator mustard in the cloakroom, perhaps — to end the hold and stop embarrassing the senate. - nytimes

has been revealed.

senator judd gregg (r) of my childhood home state of new hampshire. (pictured to the left of awol)

this really chaps my hide. time to donate to the democrats in the granite state to remove this cowardly piece of guano from the senate.

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it's gotta be better than schlocky 5

via agitprop (graphic and bandwidth...thanks, guys!)


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The thin blue watercolor line

Sometimes the best stories in newspapers is when a colorful character is given a lot of space just to tell their own story.

From the Charleston Gazette, a long interview with a former Charleston Police detective:

He's an ex-cop, a longtime chief of detectives for the Charleston Police Department. But Pat Legg wasn't one of those hard-boiled, tough-guy detectives like you read about in crime novels.

He's so soft-hearted, he had a hard time giving speeding tickets. He hated the gun he had to carry. Fortunately, he never had to use it. He didn't break cases by intimidating people. He did it by being nice to sources, especially prostitutes and other insiders in the heyday of honky-tonk Summers Street.

Behind that soft heart beats the soul of a painter, a devoted watercolorist. When the winter painting season ends, he switches to another hobby - horses.

Here's some more:

"During the problem with Mayor Mike Roark, I was out of grace, so I asked to be moved back to patrol. I was a sergeant.

"I could never write traffic tickets. Everybody I stopped had two or three kids, and I'd think, if I write this guy a ticket, who is it going to hurt? These little, old, poor kids would be eating ice cream cones. This guy was going 85 on the expressway. I looked at the kids looking up at me, and I gave him a warning.

"I was banished once to Magic Island. They canceled all leaves during Regatta. This one officer had already paid his deposit at the beach. I said I'd go to the chief's office. They had let other people off, but they said no. So I wrote a memo criticizing them. And I was transferred to Magic Island.

"I got me a chair and an umbrella. I had neighbor people bringing me food. One night a businessman called and told me to look in the sky. Here came an airplane pulling a banner: `No Cop Is an Island. Free Pat Legg.'

"I've seen prejudice in our department. I was raised a redneck from Sissonville, but I went to West Virginia State College, and that made me realize how ignorant prejudice is. If you start to analyze that, it doesn't make any sense. I belong to a black church, some of the most loving Christian people I ever met.

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skippy's tuesday night music club

dave matthews - in my life

nice tribute to lennon...matthews' touch is light and masterful


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late to the party again

we apologize for not knowing this was going to take place, but sen. hillary clinton conducted a q&a over at fdl this afternoon.

she's gone now, and anyway, it was spefically about women's earnings in the workplace; in other words, nobody could ask her to defend her iraq vote, which is what i think the majority of folks in blogtopia and yes, we coined that phrase, would have on their minds.

but in spite of the narrowness of the topic, it is a major coup for firedoglake (who always gets great guests anyway) to have someone of sen. clinton's stature take time to log in and type in answer to everyone's questions. kudos to the fdl'ers for such a great piece of journalism!

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in ham's way

mediabloodhound covers the recent debacle that was the rich little performance at the washington correpsondents' dinner:

washington – in another blow to president bush’s image as commander-in-chief, comedian/impressionist rich little was sent into the white house correspondents’ association dinner without sufficient protective humor.

“it was a bloodbath,” said one anonymous reporter. “i haven’t seen anything like it since chevy chase’s talk show.”

working behind-the-scenes with the white house correspondents’ association, president bush and pentagon advisors based their decision to send little on last year’s surprise attack by stephen colbert, which, according to administration officials, will forever be known as “pearl colbert” – a grim evening that left the administration and the washington press corps bloodied by guerilla satirical tactics which unjustly targeted flagrant abuses of executive power and members of the media who enabled them. strafed and shelled by a cruel display of wit and reality, most of the press corps, including the president and the first lady, barely escaped with their sense of entitlement and delusions intact...

but most who attended this year’s black-tie affair thought the psychological effect of little’s bombing would remain with them for years to come.

“maybe you don’t understand,” said a shaken david gregory. “i watched this man, i watched him walk into the room…and open with jokes about canada.” gregory paused a moment to compose himself. “the guy never had a chance. my heart goes out to his family.” franklin foer, editor of the new republic, observed, “last year, when they invited colbert, that was a complete accident. this year was an assisted suicide.”
little did they know, little knew them, too.

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jessica lynch on capitol hill today

link here. also, don't miss the testimony from the Tillman family.

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a "solid majority" of americans think aWol sucks

well, at least he sucks at keeping america safe, according to zogby:

more than half of americans give president bush 55% negative ratings on his performance in keeping the united states safe from terrorism and give the department of homeland security a similar negative rating (56%) on its efforts. nearly half of americans (49%) believe the bush administration has tipped the balance between personal security and personal freedom too far towards security, depriving the american people of too many freedoms, a new upi/zogby interactive poll shows.

slightly more than half (53%) said they are against the government having the ability to temporarily suspend federal privacy laws to enable agencies to better share counter-terrorism information, including the personal data of american citizens. americans are divided over the terrorism surveillance program. half said they have a favorable view of the tsp under which the national security agency can monitor the international telephone and email communications of american citizens without a warrant if the communication includes and individual suspected of having ties to a terrorist organization like al-qaeda. but nearly as many (45%) said they have a unfavorable view of the program. more than half (55%) said the tsp is a necessary and legal tool to protect americans against terrorist activity, while 42% disagree.

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beltway blogger

the freeway blogger shows us the work of one accolyte who figured out how to write all of congress at once.

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rove-ing investigations

courtesy of the carpetbagger report, the little department that could is going to become famous:

the office of special counsel is generally a fairly obscure federal investigative unit. the osc is generally responsible for looking into whistleblower complains, hatch act violations, charges of discrimination in the federal workforce, etc. important work, to be sure, but rarely front-page stuff.

now, however, the osc is launching an investigation into a bigger matter. much bigger.

[t]he office of special counsel is preparing to jump into one of the most sensitive and potentially explosive issues in washington, launching a broad investigation into key elements of the white house political operations that for more than six years have been headed by chief strategist karl rove.

the new investigation, which will examine the firing of at least one u.s. attorney, missing white house e-mails, and white house efforts to keep presidential appointees attuned to republican political priorities, could create a substantial new problem for the bush white house.

first, the inquiry comes from inside the administration, not from democrats in congress. second, unlike the splintered inquiries being pressed on capitol hill, it is expected to be a unified investigation covering many facets of the political operation in which rove played a leading part.

“we will take the evidence where it leads us,” scott j. bloch, head of the office of special counsel and a presidential appointee, said in an interview monday. “we will not leave any stone unturned.”
…is this just an obscure federal agency going through the motions? perhaps not. “this is a big deal,” paul c. light, a new york university expert on the executive branch, said of bloch’s plan. “it is a significant moment for the administration and karl rove. it speaks to the growing sense that there is a nexus at the white house that explains what’s going on in these disparate investigations.”
much more explanation of the ramifications of this over at the cbr.

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when they're funny, they're funny

courtesy of evil bobby, and yes, we know the jokes are about 10 years old, but still...

kermit, piggy and animal in the bear wit project


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oh! oh! oh! even heidi abromowitz wouldn't do karl rove!

digby finds the kids at politico channeling joan and melissa rivers.

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klein after klein

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honestly, we'd stop linking to joe klein's deliberate ineptitude over at swampland completely, if we didn't have that neat photoshop to introduce each instance...

today's chapter: joe deliberately misquotes both markos and obama to make the left look crazier than he is.

time saving hint: skip joe's post altogether and go straight to the comments. they are the only thing worthwhile on that blog anyway, except when ana marie links to us.

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haven't they been reading skippy?

no more mister nice blog points out that donald "wild man" wilmon's american family association has wasted no time in not only producing a video blaming "lack of god" in today's schools for the va. tech (an every other school) massacre, he is actually selling said video:

the video blames madelyn murray o'hare for the whole thing. but as everyone who reads skippy knows, it's all markos' fault.

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say hello

to evil bobby, who mistakenly ascribes pundentilla's gender to skippy. the mistake is natural, as c&l also attributed pundentilla's work to skippy.

if skippy were not so damnedably ethical, he would do well by taking credit for pundentilla's work, as she is certainly more erudite and analytical than skippy. but we digest.

addendum: also, say hello to left at the gate, a blog about horse racing from a progressive point of view. no, we didn't make that up.

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