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Saturday, March 31, 2007

way back when...

during the earth's infancy, this overbearing single parent who answered to god firmly told his son and daughter, who were named adam and eve, "you kids see this here tree of the knowledge of good and evil? you shall not eat the fruit of this tree under any circumstances, or you shall die. period. your father has spoken. now go play with the animals."

while they were out playing, along came this english-speaking serpent, whose name i forget. (many devout chrsitians i know of insist that his name was satan, but i don't believe that. i'll explain why in a moment.) he told adam and eve that they would not die if they ate from the tree of knowledge: "no, kids. instead, you will become just like god, knowing good and evil." it turned out that he was right -- the kids ate some forbidden fruit, they didn't die, and they suddenly developed an affinity for fig leaves. (the only satan i know of is a pathological liar. the serpent told the truth. QED, people.)

well, when god found out about this, he didn't like it one bit. he got sooo pissed off, in fact, that he banished his own son and daughter from eden for life -- and for good measure, he forced that unfortunate serpent to spend the rest of his life subsisting on a diet of dust, just for telling the truth. and wouldn't ya know, our species proceeded to go steadily downhill, from cain to ann coulter, with precious but damned few temporary reversals occurring throughout our descent. most people seem to blame the serpent for our situation. i blame god himself. he was the one who created the tree of knowledge -- had he not done that, sin would never have come into being, and we'd all be living in blissful ignorance of our nakedness in the garden. bastid.


(this is what happens when i get all existential [not that i'm complaining]...)
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commented by Blogger whig, 10:25 PM PDT  
God is one, but of differing aspects, each of us is one.
commented by Blogger whig, 10:26 PM PDT  
You don't have to guess my name. It's Michael.
commented by Blogger whig, 10:27 PM PDT  
Also, cannabis is the tree of life. Judge the tree by the fruit thereof.
commented by Blogger whig, 10:32 PM PDT  
The other tree is called salvia divinorum. I don't recommend you use it, but prohibition does not work.
commented by Blogger whig, 10:34 PM PDT  
I have. It is legal. I found it confusing. You might also. I have found cannabis to be more helpful.
commented by Blogger whig, 10:36 PM PDT  
Which fruit were you partaking of last night?
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 6:38 AM PDT  
I always partake of cannabis.
commented by Blogger whig, 3:47 PM PDT  
And yourself?
commented by Blogger whig, 3:47 PM PDT  
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