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Thursday, March 01, 2007

they failed the fallen soldiers

they failed our nation. they failed their profession. they failed humanity.
hospital officials knew of neglect
complaints about walter reed were voiced for years

top officials at walter reed army medical center, including the army's surgeon general, have heard complaints about outpatient neglect from family members, veterans groups and members of congress for more than three years.

a procession of pentagon and walter reed officials expressed surprise last week about the living conditions and bureaucratic nightmares faced by wounded soldiers staying at the d.c. medical facility. but as far back as 2003, the commander of walter reed, lt. gen. kevin c. kiley, who is now the army's top medical officer, was told that soldiers who were wounded in iraq and afghanistan were languishing and lost on the grounds, according to interviews.

...a recent washington post series detailed conditions at walter reed, including those at building 18, a dingy former hotel on georgia avenue where the wounded were housed among mice, mold, rot and cockroaches.

kiley lives across the street from building 18. - washington post

all he had to do was walk across the street and take a look to confirm what people had been saying...not for a week when the story first broke the washington post....for for years...for years.

"i want to reset the thinking . . .," kiley said. "while we have some issues here, this is not a horrific, catastrophic failure at walter reed." - washington post

what then constitutes a horrific, catastrophic failure?
the pentagon has announced plans to close walter reed by 2011. does this administration plan to "slow bleed" walter reed until then? maybe because there was an ob/gyn in charge?

this isn't supporting our troops. it's dishonoring them.

shame.... shame.

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This worthless administration has been telling us down their noses that criticizing the war equals hurting the troops. As if merely disagreeing with anything Bush says about it is enough to make a soldier trained to fight and win lay down his weapon. The cynics who say you hate America if you aren't blindly obedient to Bush are the ones with no faith in the people being sent to war -- and the proof of it is right there at Walter Reed.

Now we all know who's been hurting the troops all along. And the cynics have fallen silent. How surprising...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 5:55 AM PST  
Apparently, it's not just the hospitals.
Somebody call the Washington Post!
commented by Blogger Marco Polo, 1:21 AM PST  
Sorry, wrong link: go here.
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