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Friday, March 02, 2007

thanks...and a warning

a big skippy thank you to disgusted in st. louis and carl of simply left behind for their hard work (actual math involved, very hard work) in helping us refute the entire process and results of newsbuckit's illegitimate findings about swear word usage amongst the blogs.

both gentlemen helped with the actual proofs that refuted ishmael's procedures and final outcomes of his "supposed" searches.

if we may take a moment to reflect on this, and we may, because it is, after all, skippy's blog, we are not sure what was more distressing to us: the whirlwind speed with which this false data spread thru blogtopia and yes, we coined that phrase, or the reaction of most of the left, which was pretty much, "yeah, we swear, so who the f*ck cares?"

this site and the two gentlemen named above were the only ones in blogtopia and yes we coined that phrase that even questioned, let alone attempted to recreate, ishmael's methods in his experiment. we don't think progressive values are going to get anywhere unless we continue to dissect the hardly-ever-right wing's memes at their source, and not simply turn our backs with a "yeah, so what?"

on another refutable conservative point, we noticed that our defense of the gore's electricty use was met with a great deal of "this is a black eye for the global warming issue," and mainly from leftist commenters.

it was only a "black eye" for the global warming issue if the left let stand the (again) false data and unspoken assumptions that the right was foisting upon the american media.

why have so many on the left suddenly decided to shrug off the false memes generating from the hardly-ever-right's mighty wurlitzer?

all we can think of is that the win last november has made a lot of people on the left complacent. it should not be that way. it should be the opposite. now that we've actually made some inroads into correcting the suicidal path our culture and political collective consciousness was heading down, we must work that much harder to make sure we stay on course. the hardly-ever-right doesn't give up. they are too stupid to recognize reality.

so we must be ever vigilant whenever these ridiculous memes come out, and dissect them at the source.

addendum: thx also to steve and jen at the news blog for allowing us to cross-post our analysis of the gore electric bill finagling by the hardly-ever-right. get well soon, steve!!

double addendum: we stand (or, actually, sit at our keyboards) corrected! another blog took on ishmael using the scientific method, too! kevin drum links us to acephalous, who tried ishmael's new math, with similarly-differing results.

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I noticed the hard work. I salute you skippy, and the fine work of disgusted in st. louis and simply left behind.

Please keep up the good work. :)
commented by Anonymous Marked Hoosier, 12:28 AM PST  
why have so many on the left suddenly decided to shrug off the false memes generating from the hardly-ever-right's mighty wurlitzer?

I think it comes down to leftist fatigue. It's like swatting mosquitoes in a bog: after a while, you just grin and bear it and lose blood.

Thanks for the mention, Skip, and you're welcome. Like you, I was all "d-huh?" about how easily the left was to laugh this off, altho I'll admit my first reaction went in that direction as well.
commented by Blogger Carl, 4:28 AM PST  
after a while, you just grin and bear it and lose blood

For your information...

I am far from complacent over the Dems' November victories. I'm weary, I'm sick of being angry all the damn time, and I'm done with trying to overcome every bullshit meme they hatch. Yeah, the hardly-ever-right never give up trying to foist their beliefs upon the rest of us. Has it ever occurred to you that the reason they are so tenacious in this regard is because they have nothing else to live for? They are sluts for attention, and that's all they'll ever be. And I don't feel like patronizing them.

"But we must remain vigilant, lest they overrun us!" I hear. Newsflash, gentlemen: We've already been overrun. We have been reduced to living in a sick, diseased culture -- and you don't even realize it. All you're doing is attacking the symptoms of the disease.

I don't want to counter these memes. I want to kill them while they're still in their wombs...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 5:50 AM PST  
Thanks skippy and the rest who did challenge the data. It was good to see the smackdown.
commented by Blogger Rez Dog, 2:53 PM PST  

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