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Thursday, March 29, 2007

survey says...

it's bleak.

the snow pack, an essential part of california's water supply, is far below normal, ranging from 55 percent of the average in the north to 40 percent in the south.

authorities say there is enough water in california's reservoirs to assure normal deliveries to cities and farms this summer. but the scant expected runoff also means that reservoirs will be abnormally low in the fall, and another dry winter could spell dire water shortages throughout the state

...the lack of water could also mean an early start to fire season this year.- sfgate

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Desertification: it's what happens when the climate gets warmer. Our breadbasket may just end up a part of the Mojave, and Canada (hopefully) will feed us.
commented by Blogger SB Gypsy, 10:35 AM PDT  
Don't hold your breath. The ice pack is thinning so fast at the poles that the Aussies - who have taken a special interest - have put up a 'heads up' for dramatic loss of polar ice and flooding of lowlands with shocking speed. BlueGirlredState posted shots of the north's losses 1983 - 2005 ( I think )some months past - it's easy to Google such.
Loss of glaciers means loss of rivers all over. Northern agriculture has shorter days and less growth because the angle of the sun cannot fuel as much photosynthesis and is not available so much.
commented by Blogger opit, 11:43 AM PDT  

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