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Monday, March 26, 2007

quality of life

jon swift sends us this piece from bloggers blog on improving your rank in google blog search. as jon points out, notice the first criterion:

these are some of the positive things that can help your blog rank better in google blog search.

  • links from blogrolls (especially from high-quality blogrolls or blogrolls of "trusted bloggers")

  • links from other sources (mail, chats)

  • using tags to categorize a post

  • pagerank

  • the number of feed subscriptions (from feed readers)

  • clicks in search results
we're just sayin'...

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Thanks for the info. The more viewers a blog gets will also bring up the ranking as Google scans the sites each week.
commented by Blogger Larry, 1:18 PM PDT  
Can't we non-high quality blogrolls just link to each other multiple times?
commented by Blogger Xanthippas, 11:43 AM PDT  

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