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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

moveon, or get off the pot, as the saying goes

we agree w/bob fertik of democrats.com; it saddens us to disagree vehemently w/moveon.org, but we, along with bob, must do just that:

first they ran a dishonest poll on the iraq supplemental that left out the one option their supporters want most - a real plan to get out of iraq as quickly as possible. that plan is rep. barbara lee's "fully funded withdrawal."

and when we and others challenged their dishonesty, they compounded their problems with more dishonesty today:

p.s. some of you have asked whether we support the lee amendment, a proposal that would accelerate the end of the war. of course we do--we'd love for the proposal to bring our troops home sooner, and moveon members are pretty clear on that point. we've been fighting for as strong a bill as possible. right now, the lee amendment is not being offered, but if it comes up, we'll definitely encourage congress to vote for it.
1. barbara lee's amendment wouldn't "accelerate the end of the war" - it would end it by restricting the use of all funds to a "fully funded withdrawal," which is exactly what speaker pelosi's bill would not do.

2. the lee amendment is "not being offered" because speaker pelosi won't let lee offer it - and moveon is using its dishonest poll to try to help pelosi undercut lee's support among otherwise progressive democrats like maurice hinchey, jerrold nadler, jan schakowsky, and jose serrano. as congress daily reports (h/t stoller)

aides said the support of anti-war groups and increased pressure from leaders on lawmakers on the fence have limited liberal defections and have converted some former opponents, particularly anti-war freshmen.
but pelosi's strategy is not working. the truly progressive members led by barbara lee, maxine waters, lynn woolsey, and dennis kucinich refuse to buckle. her top lieutenant steny hoyer admitted today they don't have 218 votes yet and will not schedule a vote until they do, even though they told everyone the vote would be thursday.

and pelosi is so desperate to get 218 votes that she is turning the bill into a porkfest, and thereby turning her leadership into a joke for the likes of cnn's jack cafferty:

should democrats include funding for spinach growers, shrimp fishermen and peanut storage in the iraq war funding bill?
it's no wonder the approval ratings of pelosi's democratic congress, which rose on the hope that democrats would end the war, are falling to pre-election republican levels.
we're with bob: moveon should revert to its original mission statement of progressive action, not the kos-lite approach of "we gots the house, now let's keep the house."

as someone once said, good policy is good politics. so let's forget politics and bring our troops home. call your democratic senator and/or representative and let them know how you feel.

(thanks and a tip of the bush kangaroo tail to marisacat for the link to bob's post)

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skippy, thank you so much for this story. I hadn't seen it carried elsewhere. I will blog it and expose it as much as I can. I live in a very heavily pro-Barbara Lee area (a lot of people here were wearing "Barbara Lee Speaks For Me" tees before they were fashionable!) and a very heavily MoveOn saturated area. I'm not always comfortable with MoveOn, and horrified to hear that they're doing something this dastardly. Could you go deeper into an analysis of their why? Thanks, tpc.
PS: Yes, I do link to you, but I'm not linkwhoring - but I do appreciate what you're doing.
commented by Blogger ThePoliticalCat, 2:06 PM PDT  
MoveOn feels very co-opted by the Dem party these days. I support progressive organizations, not mainstream Dem ones.
commented by Anonymous donna, 4:22 PM PDT  

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