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Friday, March 30, 2007

the letter you don't want to get

via the moderate man, we find that the marines are re-calling some 1,800 reservists to active duty. asspress:

the marine corps is recalling 1,800 reservists to active duty, citing a shortage of volunteers to fill some jobs in iraq.

members of the branch's individual ready reserve (irr) will get letters this week notifying them of plans to mobilize them involuntarily for a year, said lt. col. jeff riehl of marine manpower and reserve affairs…

the ready reserves are service members who have left active duty but still have time remaining on their eight-year military obligations. generally, marines enlist for four years, then serve another four either in the regular reserves, where they are paid and train periodically, or in the irr, in which they do not drill but can be involuntarily recalled.


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I got this email, Skip, from a reservist. If this is too long for comments, you're welcome to post it:

"there is still the chance some general wants me to go to wramc (General wants me at wramc, vs COL who wants me on his battle roster) My real anger has to do with the surrepticious preparations. According to media reports, units in Iowa, wisconsin, and other places thruout the nation are told to get ready. (I actually googled this and each story is handled as a local story, NOT national...joe bob reserve unit MAY get mobed etc.. 1800 IRR marines get mobed...etc.)

But here is what I feel is happening.

January 11th, the Pentagon (on congessional authority??) rolled All reserve and national guard personnel previously mobed to a combat zone creditable deployment time back to zero.

Cross leveling of personnel beween units may now happen cuz the resource pool for candidates have increased.

they Identify command and control units that have not deployed anywhere...and are understrength...take all your candidates from the resource pool and assign them to the so they are part of the the task force that the command and control unit will be in charge of.

The resource pool is from units scattered all over the united states, so it will mitigate media coverage and negative press as it maintains the illusion that its only a few folks getting affected. Balance that with the first person stories bout how they are doing thier duty and it will fly without a whimper thru the american public. after all its another unit..

In reality they just swapped a shingle, and filled it with the same folks..

Meanwhile the republican MIC gets the boulder rollin Even though they know there is not an approved budget to support the operation, they'll commit the manpower, and other resources, betting the farm so to speak that once its initiated it can't be stopped due to the inertia, AND the fact that the troops are being held hostage....

(This is why organizations such as Military families speak out were so adamant that no funding be approved. They understood that the administration would steal from pete to pay paul to get things rolling, then come in for the money to continue on over commiting and playing catch up.

They couldn't articulate that idea in a singular cohesive message, so they now look like extremist nut jobs...

Perhaps if they could make an analogy that the pentagon Repub MIc are acting like a college kid with 10 credit cards, and the only way to keep from falling into the debt trap is to cut the cards into bits and pieces..but they'll have to try that for the next appropriations bill)

Anyway there is the issue of certifying units have been trained and equipped too. They'll pencil whip it like they did to those kids last april, and they will fall in on equipment that is in theatre.

The Only difference is that 80 percent of those in the resource pool have a combat deployment under thier belt, and will be able to adjust quickly.

but the facts are here are folks that were told they would only experience 1 deployment every 5 years, and they broke the rules, they were told they only had to worry about one involuntary deployment, and they broke the rules. They thought they could get thier lives back together, and now they have to make the adjustment to go back in the zone (which may be 270 days to 18 months).

The fact is...EVERYBODY IN THE POOL, MOB EVERYBODY!! you want to Escalate bring in the Draft, get Jenna, and who the fuck ever...cuz right now tis the quite minority bearing the brunt. We will be involved in Iraq like we were involved in Bosnia, for at least 10 years.

and nobody out there in media land seems sophisticated enough to see this...
(Course then again..they are trying to sell stuff that sells, not tinfoil apparel unles its nicole richies new drama)"

He's 50, and this will be his fourth deployment (Afghanistan once, and Iraq twice). But notice what they're doing: they're nibbling at the fringes to make up the redeployment: a little from here, there, and then stitching them together to fill in blanks.
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ugh, my headache just came back.

(enjoyed your blog)
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