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Friday, March 30, 2007

lawyer-gate is just part of history

of destroying our judicial system "bit-by-bit" by this administration.

joseph d. rich wrote a "must read" piece in the latte times yesterday.
the scandal unfolding around the firing of eight u.s. attorneys compels the conclusion that the bush administration has rewarded loyalty over all else. a destructive pattern of partisan political actions at the justice department started long before this incident, however, as those of us who worked in its civil rights division can attest.

i spent more than 35 years in the department enforcing federal civil rights laws — particularly voting rights. before leaving in 2005, i worked for attorneys general with dramatically different political philosophies — from john mitchell to ed meese to janet reno. regardless of the administration, the political appointees had respect for the experience and judgment of longtime civil servants.

under the bush administration, however, all that changed. over the last six years, this justice department has ignored the advice of its staff and skewed aspects of law enforcement in ways that clearly were intended to influence the outcome of elections.

...this administration is also politicizing the career staff of the justice department. outright hostility to career employees who disagreed with the political appointees was evident early on. seven career managers were removed in the civil rights division. i personally was ordered to change performance evaluations of several attorneys under my supervision. i was told to include critical comments about those whose recommendations ran counter to the political will of the administration and to improve evaluations of those who were politically favored.

morale plummeted, resulting in an alarming exodus of career attorneys. in the last two years, 55% to 60% of attorneys in the voting section have transferred to other departments or left the justice department entirely.

at the same time, career staff were nearly cut out of the process of hiring lawyers. control of hiring went to political appointees, so an applicant's fidelity to gop interests replaced civil rights experience as the most important factor in hiring decisions.

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The Justice Department officials who were selected to be interviewed hit merely the tip of this iceberg. It is extremely important that the House and Senate Judiciary Committee's interview John Nowacki, Principal Deputy Director as well as the Acting Counsel to the Director in the Executive Office of the Justice Department, in order to establish the links between the Justice Department officials, the US Attorney's in the field, and the political operatives who helped remove the targeted US Attorney's. I have gathered and organized every document released so far from the Justice Department relating to John Nowacki as well as background information on his relationship with the Federalist Society. You will be shocked at how many key pieces of information he gives to Paul McNulty, William Moschella, Michael Elston, William Mercer, Monica Goodling, and former employees Michael Battle and Kyle Sampson.
This story on John Nowacki, including updates, can be found at: http://misterapologist.blogspot.com/
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