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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

health care at all?

linkmeister makes a great point vis-a-vis john edwards focusing, in consideration of elizabeth's cancer recurrence:

there are thousands of americans whose spouses are terminally ill; do they all stop working at the first diagnosis and go into permanent care-giver mode? of course not. they may need to adjust their lives to fit with the treatment schedule, but they don't give up on careers, on life, or on anything else.

in addition, we've had presidents whose own health might have suggested to outsiders that they should have quit or never run for the office; did fdr or jfk or ike do so? certainly not.

let's have no more of this pundit projection. it's insulting.

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For the adverage american stopping work would not be an option due to the expenses involved with illnesses such as this.

Most people won't get the type of care and help Ms Edwards can afford to have.

Of course they should go ahead with their lives as planned. What good would it be to stop living now?
All the kerfuffle about Ms. Edwards cancer - not a peep out of anyone about the two leading Republican candidates both actually having cancer themselves...
If we're so worried about someone dying while trying to serve our nation, why are our troops still being shot at overseas?

--Sean on LI
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:48 AM PDT  
Most people in the U.S. with an ill spouse HAVE to keep working to pay bills and to stay insured.
commented by Anonymous donna, 10:23 AM PDT  
A clear analysis of Mrs. Edward's prognosis is at the blog Respectful Insolence. Its author, Orac, is a cancer surgeon. (http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2007/03/elizabeth_edwards_and_bone_metastases_fr_1.php)

--Stolen Dormouse
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:37 PM PDT  
My sister is in that position--her husband has cancer and she has to keep working in order to keep the health insurance that's paying for his treatment, not to mention the mortgage, etc. His disability check doesn't cover very much.
commented by Blogger Brian, 4:46 PM PDT  
Don't forget we had Reagan, who worked while he had Alzheimer's....
commented by Blogger ellroon, 8:28 PM PDT  

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