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Friday, March 30, 2007

hard times in the big easy

athenae at first draft has posted some pics and description of the sights and scenes she and the other volunteers are finding on their trek to new orleans to help gut some katrina-ravaged houses:

what you don't want, what you aggressively don't want, when you're going through something, is some comfortably situated loudmouth telling you they know exactly what you're going through. misery hates company. misery hates shallowness more. misery hates, above all, being lectured at. we came to put our hands to use places where they could be used. i came, having been here as a child only once and only briefly (there was a doll shop, and a doll with a purple hat with ostrich feathers, and the raised graves concerned me, is all i remember). the light is different and the streets are narrow and everything smells sweet, like something baking, and this is what we saw, around the city, today.

people communicated through markings on houses, a code: who was here, when, what they found and what they left. a dog is trapped, in black spraypaint. no pets, in green. one body, marked in red. people painted their own street signs, because nobody else did it and it had to be done. in the lower 9th ward, there are electrical cables lying across the road ways. there is a house sitting on a car.

there were tourists on the plane, necks wrapped with beads, drunk and silly and out for a good time. the plane was full, the quarter crowded. a five minute drive away and it's a ghost town. two men sitting on a blue porch on a street called forstall (which makes me think foreĀ·stall [fohr-stawl, fawr-] verb, to prevent, hinder, or thwart by action in advance; to act beforehand with or get ahead of; anticipate) wave at us as we drive past. they once lived on a block of houses. they're all alone now, other houses in the 9th having been torn down. weeds creep up past the level of the stoops that still stand there, ivy reclaiming the debris.

the school's fence is crushed like a giant stepped on it. the house behind mary, the windows were blown out, broken glass everywhere. the lord is with thee. she's standing watch, blessed among women, her and the kid with the visor and stop sign warning us that there's road work ahead and to turn back.
go check out athena's pics. and while you're at it, donate some $$ to their trip coffers. or, if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and help!


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On my way to check out the pixs. Thanks for posting this.
commented by Blogger Hill, 6:08 AM PDT  
I have been avoiding visiting First Draft whenever possible for several months. Not because I no longer like their blog. I certainly do. Scout Prime is one of my blogging heroines. I just can't seem to process any more New Orleans-related stories.

Up until Katrina, in spite of everything, I remained willing to forgive Bush for the damage he'd done to our country. But after seeing that shot of him gazing blankly out that plane window -- the image I call "My Pet Goat 2" -- I completely and permanently gave up on his pathetic ass. And ever since then, just like ever since the day he first took office, things have grown increasingly worse on his watch. The wreck of New Orleans, more than anything else, symbolizes what a worthless pile of garbage Bush is. The war on Iraq is a close second.

I haven't blogged much about New Orleans lately for one reason: I'm afraid I would say something I'd regret for the rest of my life. I place equal value on the lives of American soldiers in Iraq, Iraqi natives, and New Orlenians. But blogging about the war in Iraq is just easier for me than blogging about the wreck of New Orleans. That's why Scout is one of my blogging heriones. I don't know how she does it, and I'm amazed that she can do it.

Something inside me started dying when I saw New Orleans drowning for the first time. Whatever it was, it's dead now...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 8:31 AM PDT  
Oh, BTW, Google Maps no longer shows current-day New Orleans. They show pre-Katrina New Orleans. Ain't that a bitch?
commented by Blogger Scorpio, 4:18 PM PDT  

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