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Monday, February 05, 2007

we got yer 'amnesty' right here

we agree with jon swift who finds the use of the word "amnesty" in the current blogrolling bloodletting ironic. to paraphrase his words so loosely as to almost be using another language, it's as if the blogs doing the roll trimming were the u.s. government deporting illegal aliens, but calling "king's x" when it came time to accept responsibility for the actions. in other words, it's duncan and kos who want the amnesty, not the blogs they are ruthlessly slashing off their rolls.

in blogtopia, and yes, we coined that phrase, the coinage of the realm is linkage. and versa visa. the only way to give value to your peers is thru links. and a spot on your permanent blogroll is the highest value you can give.

so, in spite of the protestations that it's "nothing personal," it's quite literally the opposite: you cut a blog from your roll, you are stating to your readers that you don't find that blog of any value. that cut blog is no longer your peer.

you may say it doesn't mean that, but actions (and linkage) speak louder than words.

it's as if (and be forewarned, this metaphor is inaccurate, as any example using newspapers to describe blogs would be) the nytimes told the newspaper stands hawking their rag that they couldn't sell any other papers (only the times would actually own the stands, and you could read the washington post simply by touching its name on the page, and...well, we told you up front the metaphor was no good).

and, as we said in our tantrum over at dkos, skippy links to many, many smaller blogs. by de-linking skippy, kos has effectively destroyed a cyber-pathway to these smaller blogs. sure, not the only pathway, but a valid one nonetheless.

since when have blogrolls stopped being recommend reading for your readers, and a personal tool for making surfing the net easier? we don't read dick every day, but everyone knows how much we love a good dick!

and who are we to limit political discourse diversity? what's going on here? it's as if the major blogs are trying to emulate the democrats in washington who suddenly forget about their constituents.

(ok, it's not. our metaphors suck tonight. but we're pissed. so cut us some slack.)

ergo, we here at skippy are planning to retaliate by offering real blog amnesty. and here's how it goes:

many smaller blogs link to skippy for one or more of a few reasons: out of politeness, out of a hope that we might notice them and link back, or simply out of the imitation of what it takes to make a good blog. it's the second reason that interests us (we really should have put it as the last reason to be more clear with sentence structure (on the other hand, using less paranthetical phrases in a paragraph would go a long way towards grammatical clarity (too late now))).

to wit: any blog that has linked to skippy and has not received a reciprocal blogroll link will now be included on our roll! all you have to do is notify us in our comments section or email us, and we will happily include you! that will show those big shot elitists too good for the little guy blogs! ha!

and we hope to hell we have the longest blog roll in blogtopia!

and yes! we coined that phrase!
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Here's another travesty. Go to Huffington Post. On the "main" blogroll, you'll see such things as Andrew Sullivan and Instapundit. Now find (hidden at the bottom) their "Extended blogroll". You'll find there such stalwarts of intellectual discourse as Little Green Goofballs. But Skippy? Left I on the News? Sorry, we're not worthy. And not in the Wayne and Garth and Madonna sense.
commented by Blogger Eli, 9:27 PM PST  
Incidentally I have written their webmaster (no contact information for Arianna is given) many times, without as yet the courtesy of a response.
commented by Blogger Eli, 9:28 PM PST  
I discovered you guys just tonight via Jon Swift's post (and thank God for his "liberal" blogroll policy) and I already love you. And I hereby decree that Skippy is now and shall forever more be blogrolled at Three Wise Men!
commented by Blogger Xanthippas, 9:40 PM PST  
OK, Skippy, you've got some Fiat Lux blogroll love. Welcome aboard.
commented by Blogger fiat lux, 10:32 PM PST  
right back atcha, fiat lux, as soon as i get to my new blogroll!

and you too, xanthippas. i've mailed both your blogs to myself to add to my roll soon.

and eli, if it makes you feel any better, i've emailed arianna personally, shook her hand and introduced myself to her at ykos, and even been to her house for a party, and she still doesn't link to me.

go figure.
commented by Blogger skippy, 11:06 PM PST  
skippy, yoohoo - yeah, its me down here in the lowest tier of blogtopia agreeing that if "you cut a blog from your roll, you are stating to your readers that you don't find that blog of any value. that cut blog is no longer your peer." that is exactly what it means to be dropped from another blog's blogroll, it is a cut and cuts hurt. wish i had 'roo bandages :(

commented by Blogger Suzanne, 11:30 PM PST  
Added you at Objectivist v. Constructivist v. Theist. I know, terrible name, but the co-bloggers are too lazy to agree with any of my wonderful suggestions for a new one.

One thought on the issue you raise: after having started a kind of academic blog last December and a kind of pop culture blog this January, the blogroll at OvCvT has changed a lot since it began last February. A lot of the links I put in as live bookmarks there I moved to the other blogs, so the form follows the function, with some overlap. I've lately been adding more heavy left and liberal hitters to the political blog's roll while I'm on leave from it and my conservative friends are wrecking up the space, precisely in hopes of the random click from the random google searcher who wants to find out more about the issues we're raising.

So blogrolls have a number of purposes. That said, I think your "with great power comes great responsibility" point is valid, particularly for blogs that actually have regular readers.
To quote myself from Jon swift's comments:

I can feel where skippy is coming from since I recently had the similar experience of being dropped from Norbiznesses' rolls. What a gutting experience!

(Maybe I shouldn't admit to that in too many more places.)

So, in hopes that you all might notice me, I am adding skippy, who has been in my bookmarks folder for some time, to my blogroll.
commented by Anonymous Montag, 6:35 AM PST  
I can't believe Kos dropped you. Of all the bloggers I can think of, no one has gone out of their way to link to his site more than you over the years. He practically slapped your face -- and I left a comment over there saying so.

I do appreciate what Kos has done for blogtopia. I recommend "Crashing the Gate" to anyone who bothers to read books. But now that he's so fixated on upcoming elections, I just can't take it anymore. We just had a goddamn election three months ago -- can I get some amnesty from Election Day 2008 speculation already?

commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 6:45 AM PST  
I've been lazy about blogrolling over at Unsolicited Opinion. It took me almost two years to even figure out how to do it and it's pretty short. That said, skippy has been on the list since I put it up and perhaps one or two of my five or six readers found their way across blogtopia (and yes, you coined that phrase!) to skippy. You have kindly noted me in your "say hello" posts and I would be honored to be added to blogtopia's (see above) longest blog roll.
commented by Blogger Rez Dog, 7:04 AM PST  
i have had skippy on my blogroll for a long time. it's because i read your blog. i can't offer up much in the way of classification though. i tend to be all over the place. i write about what ever's on my mind. my politics are libertarian/progressive. i would be honored also, by a link blogtopia's (yes, i know you coined that phrase and never use it without attribution) longest blogroll.
commented by Blogger The Minstrel Boy, 8:30 AM PST  
to all bloggers who have mentioned how they have skippy on their rolls, i will definitely put you on ours later this week!

thanks all for your support in this manufactured outraged designed to get me more traffic.
commented by Blogger skippy, 9:27 AM PST  
ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! Skippy, honey, the only reason you weren't on my blogroll is I tend to NOT put blogs up there that already have 70 or more subscribers. But in your case, I've made an exception. (and I linked you at C&L's blog roundup at my last stint there, which oughta count for sumpin.) xoxo

commented by Blogger Blue Gal, 10:16 AM PST  
Skippy's been on my blogroll since I first found you guys thanks to linkage from Blondesense... Cripes, is that two years now? Dunno, but time flies.

Very sorry that dkos dropped you guys, that sucks pterodactyl eggs.
commented by Blogger Sara, 11:50 AM PST  
Skipster...you've always been on my blogroll...always will. Yours is the very first blog I read...and I never miss a day...

commented by Blogger moderate, 12:13 PM PST  
yes blue gal, you are quite gracious to this humble site when you work at c&l.

i've got to say that the gang at c&l and the kids at fdl are now the new favs in blogtopia and yes! i coined that phrase!
commented by Blogger skippy, 5:22 PM PST  
"and who are we to limit political discourse diversity?"

well, actually, i have stopped visiting atrios at all because it appears that, in addition to deleting links, he and his pals are tightening the parameters of "appropriate" discussion -- i was called unpleasant names (including "dnc troll") for making a negative comment about edwards in re his statements a week or so back about iran, and told that, to paraphrase, "we shouldn't speak negatively about our guys."

that's the bad news. the good news i have discovered some most excellent blogs, including this one, and have raised my informational intake a notch or two.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:48 PM PST  
Thanks for the amnesty, Skippy. And in case you're wondering, I linked to you for a combo of all three reasons. But mostly because I like this site and since it's my blog, I'm the boss. Looking forward to seeing A Bird and a Bottle on the blogroll.
commented by Anonymous bean, 7:57 PM PST  
Right fucking on Skippy!

I'm just made aware that the sites where I've most written and read (Booman Tribune and My Left Wing) were de-listed from the blog-exchange. Pissed and glad you are writing about it.

Freaking crap. I hope you're able to muster enough of a movement to make Kos to reverse his policy. And if not, I hope you are able to become the new clearinghouse for lefty blogs. Just seems like bullshit to me.

Thank you.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:35 PM PST  
With the way linkages work, wouldn't Atrios and Kos be stupified when skippy and a whole bunch of "little bloggers" edge them out.

PS I'm following your lead
commented by Anonymous CE Petro, 10:49 PM PST  
Ok, you're added to my (admittedly too small) roll.

I really think that Bowers and Black 'n co. have missed something important about the medium- without the sense of egalitarianism that comes from one man, one blog, you end up with a situation where "diarists" are at the mercy of "administrators".

They may well decide not to go against the party line, for fear that their work might get shut down. Even if such fears are groundless, they're inevitable, unless the Ur-Bloggers try to act like common couriers. And if they do that, why not just hand the whole damned thing over to Blogspot and be done with it?
commented by Blogger Demosthenes, 5:51 AM PST  
You've been linked on Mixter's Mix for some time now.

The "A-listers' have never been linked on Mixter's Mix. I've no use for them.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:56 AM PST  
You have been blogrolled!
Happy Blogging!
commented by Blogger Carol, 7:58 AM PST  
I'm throwing a couple of links to blogroll stories here Skippy, cause I'm not sure how to do it on your site. Hope this works. I think this thing sucks -- as I state here and here.

Best of luck in your efforts.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:12 AM PST  
I recently started a temp project that has me at work during what some people call "bankers' hours". The upshot of this is twofold--first of all, I have less time to write up posts about political topics for my own blog. But I've had even less time available for making the rounds to other political blogs. I've tried to keep up on the basic headlines, but have kept my distance from the "meta" discussions that have been popping up.

Until today, when the combination of weather and technical issues at work conspired to give me the day off. So I finally peeked in, and offered what few thoughts I can organize with a pair of energetic kids in the house here.
commented by Blogger Renee in Ohio, 11:02 AM PST  
Hi Skippy,

Today I deleted every A-list blogger who doesn't link to Newshog and added a whole bunch of small blogs who do.

Why should my blog work to increase their traffic, their oh-so-precious ad revenue and their inflated sense of self-importance if they won't massage my small pride by a measly blog-link?

I'm hereby applying for a Skippy link, in return for a Newshog one o'course.

Regards, Cernig @ Newshog
commented by Blogger Cernig, 11:59 AM PST  
Hi Skippy,

I have put you on my blogroll. Your generous impulse is the sort of elder stateman-like / noblesse oblige-y kind of thing we Tiny Blogs look up to you for. I thank you for helping connect the upper and lower worlds of the blogosphere. And of course, everyone is in your debt for coining that phrase.

commented by Blogger HotFlash, 11:30 PM PST  
commented by Anonymous whaleshaman, 7:34 AM PST  
You've been on the blogroll at Blast Off! as long as it has existed (since 2004).

Reciprocity is appreciated.
commented by Blogger Sinfonian, 11:01 AM PST  
Dude, found your site as a result of this "Blog Amnesty" crap. Thanks for calling some of the "big blogs" on this BS. My own policy on the blogroll is, if you check the blog youself with any regularity, you should list it. I like your site and I'm adding you to my humble blogroll.

commented by Anonymous Kevin, 2:04 PM PST  
Hi Skippy -

Thanks for the amnesty program. I just linked you to my blog, Intrepid Liberal JournalI put you under my "Intrepid Voices" section on the left side bar.

What Markos did was drop a cluster bomb on the netroots. Even little blogs like mine who weren't on his blogroll are hurt by it. Hopefully you're program can help compensate. Especially if we all link each other. It's not about Markos but the community at large.
commented by Blogger Rob, 8:35 PM PST  
Hi Skippy, just added you to to the Migra Matters blogroll

BTW I think you should officially banished Marcos from BlogtopiaĀ©
commented by Blogger Duke1676, 9:53 PM PST  
http://perceptionmanagers.blogspot.com/ please!
Ok. I linked to you for three and a half years at Sasha Undercover. I've morphed into Fold to Combine where you still appear. (http://foldtocombine.blogspot.com) I link to blogs I respect and find worth reading. But a linkback would be appreciated.
commented by Blogger Sasha, 8:16 PM PST  
We have linked to you for yonks and yonks, as in, forever.

We understand the derivation of and refer frequently to -- blogtopia.

We were deeply appreciative when you helped us celebrate our first blogiversary.

We are - No Blood for Hubris.

We are a little teeny weeny blog that has linked to you -- forever.

Omigod, it's an A-list BLOGTOPIA PURGE!!

Will that be sufficient to transform Blogtopia into Blogobanaliversitude? Cripes!

Here at Buddhist Jihad, we understand well the meaning of "blogtopia," although we do not use this term so often, not for lack of trying.

One bows down respectfully to Skippy.

One does not bow down respectfully to Markos for having disrespected the whole concept of Blogs of Diversity.
Anyhow, Markos, beyond being poster boy for BIG BLOGGA, he's a noted misogynist. Not that he thinks there's anything wrong with that. However, in general, what goes around comes around, does it not?


Buddhist Jihad
commented by Anonymous Buddhist Jihad, 8:51 PM PST  
Hi Skippy,

I've had you on my Humor Has It... blogroll for ages too, and added you first right off the bat on another new one I'm building. I'm totally behind you on this "project".

They seem to love to crow about how many new blogs are formed on a daily basis. What is more important to me, and what they seem to be missing the point of, is how many new people (thousands of new naive eyeballs) discover blogs in general every single day. How in the hell are they supposed to find a variety of blogs to read and explore the blogoverse if we don't link to each other of like minds? I was new to blogs at one time like everyone else, you bet I noticed blogrolls and still click on ones I haven't seen before to this day. The excuses are just that, piss poor excuses. A few egos have gotten the better of their bad judgments on this issue.

If we're to grow this Progressive movement and build a strong network of Netroots it only goes to reason that we should all build UP our blogrolls as much as possible, not pull this elitist crap I see going on.

It's bugging me the same way certain people that shall remain nameless are pooh poohing (and outright advising against) marching at protests like it isn't cool or worthy, yet weren't old enough to march during the Vietnam war. This has been a grave injustice by A-listers that have the attention of so many people and the ability to affect actions and whatever netroots policies they are trying to influence by slapping the people who are marching in the face for their brave efforts. My grandson gives me all the incentive I need to know better and do better.

I'm with Molly(RIP), get out the pots and pans. I'm with Skippy, get thyself to a bigger better blogroll near you, today!
commented by Blogger Shez, 12:24 PM PST  
You been a "must-read" and been on my blogroll for ages. If you want to create the world's biggest blogroll , knock your socks off and feel free to put my little p.o.s. one on the list.
commented by Blogger JM, 2:21 PM PST  
It's been so long Skippy.

You've been on Jinky the Cat's blog roll for quite some time.
commented by Blogger Pinky, 4:43 PM PST  
Jon Swift sent me a kind e-mail regarding a post I wrote today about all of this. And, to be totally honest, I had no idea it was becoming such a dust up. About time if you ask me. Thanks Skippy. You've been on my blogroll sincee the beginning and will always be... Add me to the roll please!
commented by Blogger David, 4:32 PM PST  
Any Blogger that does an "amnesty" and co-linking gets a link from me, so you've just been added.
commented by Blogger Chuck Butcher, 12:40 AM PST  
I've blogrolled you at

commented by Blogger jc, 10:41 PM PST  
Universal Health isn't deemed blogworthy either, but you're in a place of honor on the blogroll. I guess health policy, patient advocacy, healthcare quality and patient safety and professional nursing just isn't of interest to the big boy bullies (as Calvin would say - to the playground Moes).

Thanks for doing what you do and how you do it!
commented by Anonymous N=1, 7:25 AM PST  
Well, if you're adding more, I'd like to submit Hooterville for consideration. Skippy's been on my blogroll for a couple of years also. Thanks!
commented by Blogger Alicia, 11:11 PM PST  
Hello! I linked to you! Can I have a recipro-link!?
commented by Blogger Veronica, 8:21 PM PST  
DKos is off the blog roll and you are ON!

Check it out HERE.

Or, and don't feel that you have to do this, but I would love ya if you do, feel free to add my daily preview as seen HERE.

BTW, if anyone else wants to swap links, please let me know and I will slap you on!
commented by Blogger Storm, 7:38 AM PDT  
Smashed Frog has linked to you.


Thanks for the invite and reciprocal link to SF.

Sunny/Smashed Frog
commented by Blogger Sunny, 2:52 AM PDT  
All right. Skippy, you are hereby 'rolled at my place.

commented by Blogger belledame222, 8:51 PM PDT  

My blog is Affordable Internet Marketing and I have put your blog on my blogroll.

Thanks for your invitation and link back. I really like your policy.

Great blog!

Case Stevens
commented by Blogger Case, 11:56 AM PDT  
Ironically I first linked to your blog through C&L. I have been a frequent reader and have you on my browsers bookmarks.
I started blogging Dec. 24 and am trying to present my views somewhat tastefully. You are now blogrolled on alientrucker.com and hopefully will bring you a few more visits.
Thanx Skippy;
commented by Anonymous Rocky, 7:12 PM PST  
Uh...can I just say what I know a bunch of you are thinking?

Big Blogga, on a personal level, is actually Big Douche. That's not to diss their abilities at sussing out things online and linking to news and commentary on a wide range of topics, but still...every site visit is money in the pocket of a guy who is on a personal level, a Giant Douche. And beyond that, a Giant Douche who isn't really writing much of his own material, but rather just linking to what others have written.

No thank you.

The blogroll as is presently constituted on at least one Big Blogga site is more representative of who has most consistently kissed Big Blogga's ass while relentlessly self-promoting in comments and guest posts. They aren't linked because their sites are better or offer something you can't get elsewhere, they are linked because they've done the most apple-polishing.

So I applaud this idea of the smaller but in many cases higher-quality blogs cross-linking. I suspect you will be sporting the superior blogroll. While the lack of traffic from Big Blogga is a blow, I know, you can at least console yourself that you will now be linked by good people of good will and good talent, rather than a Giant Douche.
commented by Blogger Jennifer, 5:21 PM PST  
I've go you on the blogroll at my links blog Miss C Recommends.
commented by Blogger Miss Cellania, 5:29 AM PST  
Hey, this might be off topic, but where did you get the html template for this site? Thank you!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:01 AM PDT  

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