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Saturday, February 24, 2007

talking about tax free

fox noise channel's prostitute toe sucking "ā'nəlyst" , dick (lives up to his first name) morris, believes he doesn't need to pay the state of connecticut $280,000 in back taxes.

the state is looking for money from delinquent tax payers who owe millions of dollars in back taxes.

there are actually two lists, one that lists the top 100-corporate tax delinquents and one that lists the top 100-individuals who own back taxes.

among the corporations on the list, general motors, who owes the state more than $350,000 and pepsico, which owes over $700,000. news channel 8 did not get a comment from general motors but a spokeswoman for pepsico said, "i'll have to look into it."

then there is high-profile individuals like political consultant and fox news contributor dick morris. morris owes over $280,000 and has been on the state's list of tax delinquents for years. - wtnh.com

tip o' the kangaroo tail to the left coaster.

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I hope they can convict of felony tax evasion. Wouldn't it be so sad for a fascist to lose his right to vote and his right to own a gun?
commented by Blogger George, 9:24 AM PST  
You mean Joe isn't going to help him get a discount?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:08 PM PST  

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