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Thursday, February 01, 2007

shine on, harvest mooninite

cookie jill sends us this bloomberg report which says the turner broadcasting network is taking full responsibility for the cartoon that made the charles river run backwards yesterday:

turner had its marketing firm interference inc. of new york place 40 devices in 10 cities in the u.s. to promote its ``aqua teen hunger force'' show on the company's cartoon network, said shirley powell, 40, a company spokeswoman.

``we approved it, interference was not doing this without our knowledge,'' powell said today in a telephone interview. ``we're taking full responsibility for this.''

the campaign backfired in boston when the displays that light up with a cartoon character were mistaken for bombs. peter berdovsky, 27, of arlington, a boston suburb, and sean stevens, 28, of the city's charlestown section, were arrested and later released on $2,500 bail after pleading not guilty to charges of placing a hoax device and disorderly conduct.
and it looks like convicting the two pinko commie hippie slackers that placed the children's toys fearsome-looking bomb-like infernal machines will be harder than thought, if the word "thought" can be used at all in relation to this story:

however, boston university law professor david rossman said convicting the men under that provision might be difficult.

``the bomb hoax statute requires that you have an intent to cause fear or unrest,'' said rossman, who directs the school's criminal law clinical programs. ``you can't be convicted unless they prove that beyond a reasonable doubt. and that's not easy.''

in court today in charlestown, assistant attorney general john grossman maintained that the location of the device was enough to prove intent. coakley's spokeswoman melissa sherman said the device grossman referred to was found under an interstate 93 highway bridge and near a bus and subway station.

``the appearance and location was crucial,'' sherman said. ``it looked like a bomb according to the experts on the scene.''
meanwhile, boston officials are looking for this terrorist who lives in a cave, which, according to experts on the scene, makes him osama bin laden:

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I was walking down the street in Boston tonight and I was stopped by police.

Apparently word has got out and I was questioned on a game of Battleship I got into last week over on Harvard Yard.

These men in blue are really doing a superb job making sure terrorists and gamers are on the straight and narrow here in the 021XX zipcodes.
That's it, it's time to decriminalize pot...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 8:30 PM PST  
Heavens! And to think they used to give us all BB guns and and cap guns and hula hoops and light brights and all those other terrorist toys as kids!

We are a stupid, stupid country to be afraid of a light brite toy....
commented by Anonymous donna, 9:23 PM PST  
Hey, skippy, was this a story or what? The press conference alone just about blew the corporate hack pack's head off.
commented by Blogger Taylor Marsh, 11:49 PM PST  
I'm on extended, involuntary exile from Boston. I must tell you that the Charles River has ALWAYS run backward. It's a law of physics.
commented by Blogger ddjango, 4:24 AM PST  
While driving thru Boston today I came across a sophisticated device that lit up with lights and seemed to be monitoring my speed and was obviously an IED -- so I shot it. Fortunately it didn't explode but I want to warn as many people as I can! The Lite Brites are everywhere!
commented by Anonymous Sean on LI, 1:57 PM PST  

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