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Friday, February 23, 2007

meaningless question of the day...

if you were to appear on american idol, which song would you want to sing?

i'd pick "white punks on dope" by the tubes. pretending, of course, that there was as much as a snowball's chance in hell the producers would let me sing that on their show...
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I would never appera on AI...

But hypothetically probably World's Apart by Subhumans or Holiday in Cambodia by The Dead Kennedys or something by Rage Against the Machine or American Idiot
commented by Blogger PoliShifter, 12:56 PM PST  
"Sometimes when we touch, the honesty's too much..."

or maybe "Siberian Khatru", I'm not sure.
commented by Blogger Stephen, 5:27 PM PST  
i'm actually a big fan of american idol, because, better than anything else i've ever seen, this show teaches america something that we in show biz have known for years and were never able to convince people of:

it's fucking hard to be in show biz!!

this show teaches you that to be a success, you have to be 100% at a moment's notice every time. nobody cuts you slack (and really, why should they? oh, he wasn't that good, but he's a good guy, so i'll keep paying my money to see his stuff...don't think so).

and show biz isn't some big fantasy land where all you need is the desire...you have to work, and study, and work, and rehearse, and work hard.

and you have to grow a skin thicker than a rhino, because you are going to get rejected a billion times more than you ever get told "yes."

and in the end, you can't blame anyone, least of all yourself. it's just the way it is. america didn't like you, they didn't give you the votes.

tho it's a speeded up artificial version of the process, it shows very clearly the lumps one must take to survive in the arts.

i'd sing "oh darlin" by the beatles. but i'd be terrible.
commented by Blogger skippy, 6:49 PM PST  
Wow Skippy...such an in depth view of American Idol...

I won't hold it against you.
commented by Blogger PoliShifter, 9:22 PM PST  
Cold Duck Time
commented by Blogger George, 1:17 AM PST  
Swamp by Talking Heads
commented by Blogger zencomix, 11:19 AM PST  

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